What Is The Best Time to Buy a Laptop?

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When is the best time to buy a laptop in 2021? This question has many different answers. It depends on what you need your laptop for, how much money you have, and when you plan to use it. 

Some people only need their laptop for word processing or internet browsing so they might not need anything too expensive. You might be a teacher looking for the best laptops for teachers or students. 

If you are looking for something that will last longer then buying at the end of 2021 (November/December) would be better because prices usually go down as soon as new models come out in January.

Here are some of the best times of the year to buy a new laptop in 2021


This is one of the busiest shopping days of the year, and retailers are offering some amazing deals on laptops. Thanksgiving isn’t just for turkey anymore! Here’s why you should be buying your next laptop this November.

The best reason is that you can get a great deal on Thanksgiving. All kinds of laptops are being sold at prices that will have your wallet smiling. You might even find an “instant rebate” or “free shipping.”

Thanksgiving is the best time to click browsers and shop for the best deals. However, if you’re looking for a deal that’s not quite as good or don’t want to wait until Thanksgiving then maybe Cyber Monday would be worth your investment.

Christmas Shopping Season (December) 

You might think that December is not a great time to go shopping for personal items like laptops and computers but it depends on how long you wait until Christmas Day.

If you shop early then there should be some of the finest deals waiting on you! 

Black Friday Sales (The day after Thanksgiving) is another good option to consider. Most people wait for this day to buy their laptops because the prices are usually really good during Black Friday.

If you’re looking for something that will last longer then it might be best to wait until after December 25th before buying anything new just in case there are better deals later on.

Amazon Prime Day (Mid July)

Amazon Prime Day is the best time to buy a laptop because you don’t have to wait until the end of July for new models. This event usually has some pretty good deals on laptops so if you are looking to get a laptop then this is one day that you should look forward to every year.

Moreover, you might want to check out Facebook’s Black Friday events too.

Apple Event (September) 

If you are an Apple fan then it is best to wait for the new models of MacBooks, iPods, and iPhones during September because they usually share their products. This way you can get all three devices at a discounted price if no newer model is being released.

Sales (January) 

The best time of year to get laptop deals is in January, especially after new models come out in early 2022.

Most wholesalers want to sell their older inventory so they put it on sale. Most times where great discounts happen are around holidays or when newer models come out which makes sense why these would be some of the best times to buy a laptop. 

But there isn’t just one time that’s better than another though if you’re looking for an affordable price then waiting until the end of 2021 might be your best option.

Tips for Buying the Right Laptop:

  • Make sure you know what you want your laptop for, how much money you have, and when you are planning on using it. That will help give you some ideas of good times to buy one in 2021.
  • The second is to make sure you know your tech specs. There are thousands of different laptops models and it can be hard to find the one that fits all your needs in terms of price and what they offer so knowing at least a little about them will help narrow down your search.
  • The third is to ask around for recommendations from friends, family, or co-workers who might have bought a laptop recently. They probably know some good times to buy one that you may not have considered before like when new models come out or end-of-the-year holiday sales.
  • Fourth is to make sure you do your research on laptops by reading reviews, watching youtube videos about them, and getting familiar with brands because companies usually release different versions of laptops that are very similar but have some minor changes which can be an important factor in your decision-making process.
  • Fifth is to not get too attached to the first laptop you see because if they’re on sale then there might be others just like it out there for a better price, so don’t rush into buying one until you’ve found something that interests you and will make your life easier.
  • Last is to not forget about the accessories you’ll need like a laptop case, mouse, keyboard, and maybe even a laptop cooler if you’re planning on using it for long periods. These are also usually good to buy at holiday sales when they have big price cuts because you’ll be able to save money on them too.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1: Is Black Friday a good time to buy a laptop? 

As we discussed earlier, November and December are the best months to buy a laptop. So yes, you can consider waiting for Black Friday if you have some reasonable money to spend because that is usually when they start having the biggest discounts.

2: What time of year do laptops go on sale?

You will find people confused about whether they should buy a laptop now or wait for 2022. As seen from the record of last December, January and November/December are some of the best times to buy a laptop. So, buy your laptop at the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022.

3: What holiday season is the best to buy a laptop?

We can’t say for sure which holiday is the best time to buy a laptop because every year they have different sales and discounts on them. However, we can say that November and December are some of the biggest months for laptop sales, proven with the data of last year.


So now that you know all about the best time to buy a laptop it’s time to decide if you want to take the plunge and try your luck on finding one of these treasures. We hope that we’ve been able to provide some insight into when it is best for buying laptops so good luck on snagging an affordable price!

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