5 Ways to Unlock Laptop without the Password (Dell, Lenovo, HP)

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A laptop with its password login screen.


Presently, users pay more attention to the confidentiality of their laptop data. To secure their personal information from unauthorized access, we suggest setting a complicated password with difficult words and letters. If you’re a brand-conscious person and always opt for reliable HP, Lenovo, or Dell laptops, you should certainly keep it on guard.

Where a strong password protects your device from malicious cyber-attacks, it’s often hard to remember for some users due to its complexity. Generally, you can either note it down on a writing pad or on a laptop’s sticky notes. Woefully, there’re several cases where users forget their laptop’s password. On the contrary, if your laptop doesn’t have a built-in fingerprint sensor or an identity camera, then you’re probably using a PIN to log in to it.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing more exhausting than being locked out of your device because you’ve forgotten the password. How anxious would it make you not to access your data, documents, photos and any other files that you need at the moment? Well, there’s no need to worry about it. With the rise in advanced technology, a lot of instant password resetting solutions have arrived, which don’t include removing important data from your device.

With a few steps, no matter, if it’s a Lenovo, Dell, or HP laptop, unlocking it without a password is now an easy feat. Below, we’ve created a list of 5 easy ways on how to unlatch the laptop without a password.

Way: 1- Unlocking the Laptop with a Password Reset Disk:

A password reset disk is a file that you create on a USB drive or an SD card. When you connect that SD card to the laptop’s Windows, it allows you to reset the password on the boot screen. Fortunately, this method is always an ideal choice as you just need to set it up once, and it will never disappoint you. Remember that this method is an efficient solution if you’re locked out of your device, but you must know that it’s limited. Surprisingly, there’re a lot of latest solutions available out there which aren’t only faster but also more productive.

With a password reset disk, you can effortlessly unlock a locked laptop without inserting any password. Follow the steps for getting the desired results.

Step: 1– First, you’ve to switch on the laptop and insert the password reset disk into it.

Step: 2– Press the “Reset Password” link provided on the lock screen, and Password Reset Wizard will appear on it.

Step: 3– Press “Next” and choose your password reset disk from the dropdown menu.

Step: 4– Click onto the “Next” button, and confirm it after entering a new password.

Step: 5– When the progress bar is fully completed, Press on to “Finish”.

Way: 2- Unlocking Windows in Safe mode:

Safe mode is an exceptional path when there’s an issue related to framework messing with the generic task of Windows. It allows you to determine the mechanism of Windows and encourage figuring out what is resisting the smooth execution. Moreover, Safe mood turns your laptop on with negligible drivers and administration arrangements. During the process, no external programming or drivers get indulged, and even the implied Windows is restricted. Here’s how to unlock your HP or Dell laptop with the Safe mode.

Step: 1– Switch your laptop on and press the F8 Key for opening the advanced boot options.

Step: 2– Now, select the “Safe Mode” from the provided options by clicking the “Enter” key.

Step: 3– Login to the account “Administrator”.

Step: 4– Then, you’re allowed to alter or remove the password from the control panel.

A windows 10 installation disk resting on the side of a laptop

Way: 3- Unlocking the Laptop with Windows Installation Disk:

As you would already know, Windows Installation Disk is generally a CD/DVD or a USB drive containing an installable Windows package. With this method, you’re allowed to perform various tasks including, resetting, repairing, Windows installation, and so much more. If you’re an avid user of digital technology, then this method is specifically made for you. However, the usage of Dell, Lenovo, and HP laptops is vast and there’re a lot of beginners out there as well, so the following steps will certainly come in handy will all of the above-mentioned computing brands.

Step: 1– Insert the Windows installation disk into your laptop and turn it on.

Step: 2– In the second step, a Windows installation wizard will emerge. Press the “Repair” key on the laptop and select the System Recovery Options.

Step: 3– After the System Recovery icon appears on the screen choose “Command Prompt” from the list.

Step: 4– Enter “Exit” by pressing the enter key.

Step: 5– Go to the Lock screen of the Laptop and press the “Shift button at least 5 times to open a CMD window.

Step: 6– Type another <Username> <Password> and hit the “enter” key.

Way: 4- Unlocking Local Account Password:

If you’ve installed the latest Windows 10 version into your laptop, then unlocking it is no longer a hectic task. Following is a very basic way of resetting local Windows passwords.

Step: 1– Firstly, you’ve to turn your laptop on by pressing the power button.

Step: 2– Keep holding the Shift key, and press the “Restart” button.

Step: 3– After restarting, the boot options will appear, later choose the “Troubleshoot” and press the “Reset PC”.

Step: 4– Select “Remove everything” and your laptop will restart reflexively.

Way: 5– Unlocking through Second Login account:

If you’ve made two accounts on your laptop including, guest and admin, then this way will surely work out for you. In case you’ve forgotten the password of the admin account, log in to the guest account firstly and remove the password from it by entering the command prompt same as explained in Way 3.

a laptop with its use's hidden password on its screen.

FAQS on Unlocking a Laptop Without password:

  1. What is a BIOS password in a Laptop?

A BIOS password setup is more secure than the traditional one as it helps protect the data in case of being stolen. If you own the laptop and mistakenly forget the password, then we suggest you contact the computing brand of the laptop. Companies like Dell, Lenovo, and HP can reset the security key if you’ve got the ownership of the device by using the Service Tag or at least provide some guidelines to unlock it.

  • Is there a unique way to unlock a Lenovo laptop?

Surprisingly, with all the above-evaluated ideas, it’ll be an easier task of unlocking your laptop with a password. However, Lenovo provides an exceptional way for carrying out this task with utmost feasibility. You can also opt for the PassFab4WinKey. It s a high-tech Windows recovery tool, specifically designed for laptop’s Windows. The program supports technical operations such as, removing account passwords and deleting accounts without reinstalling the Windows computer system. Before implementing this feature, you must insert a disk-like CD/DVD/USB for burning Windows boot disk. With this tool, we can easily reset Microsoft account passwords both online and offline without losing important data.

If you are in need to get your hands on the PassFab4WinKey, we are here to save you the hustle. That’s why you can jump to its official site directly by clicking here.

  • Are all these 5 ways for unlocking the laptop without a password trustworthy?

On one end, all of these methods are commonly used because of their productiveness, but they also contain a few disadvantages. Some of them require computing data and you might not be remembering that including, log in details, and the complicated coding and knowledge of commands to work efficiently. These methods have various limitations and can be dangerous for your data. You can lose all of your important files just in a single click without even knowing it. If you’re a beginner and have no idea of tackling complex methods, then save yourself from getting into trouble by using the Windows Password Reset method, which contains a simpler process than others.


Microsoft has forced many users to switch to the Microsoft login rather than a local one, so it’s easier to lose track of the current password as you probably alter it more often. Remember that well-known computing brands like Dell, Lenovo, and HP now allow you to discard your password entirely and use an authenticator app instead. It saves you from remembering complex password keys.

Anyhow, if everything goes south, we might not have any other solution to wipe out all of the data and give the laptop a complete factory reset. However, it might take some time but the amount is indefinite. Still, it may vary of different types of laptops, their brands, their specs, etc. Still, if you are eager to learn how much time it takes to factory reset a laptop, we have an extensive article where we are covering this topic with details. You can read that article by clicking here.

At last, we can conclude that these five ways of unlocking HP, Dell, or a Lenovo laptop are functional, but they contain a few drawbacks as well. For this purpose, you’ve to be very attentive before indulging yourself in such tasks. Not to mention, it is a common error that every user faces almost regularly. Fortunately, it isn’t as complicated as it appears to be. We’re living in the 21st century where every tool is available for a specific task or purpose, and password resetting methods is one of them. Regardless of whether it’s Windows 8 or 10, both of them contain a very strict algorithm, but with these procedures, you’ll easily get the job done without any excess hassle. Still, if you couldn’t do it yourself, seeking a professional’s help is nothing to be embarrassed about.

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