Ways to Remove Stickers from Laptop without Scratching

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stickers on laptop back side

When you get a new laptop, you will notice that they come along with stickers highlighting the features of the laptop. Although some people tend not to have an issue with the stickers, others don’t find them appealing to the eyes. Hence, they try to remove them. 

Often people tend to scratch off the stickers, and that leaves behind some remains, which look very unpleasant. Some people (or teens) also add stickers to their laptops to make them look different and pretty, but they have to be removed while selling or wanting a new look (or when you turn 20). Here are some steps that can be followed to remove stickers from laptops easily.

Types Of Stickers That Can Be Removed Easily

It is easier to remove stickers from laptops while they are fresh and not too old. So, if you put something on and you do not like it, that is the time to remove it. But if it has been months since that sticker is resting on your laptop – it will be kind of hard to take it off. But don’t worry – keep reading to find out some hacks.

How To Remove Stickers from Laptop

Use A Hand Nail or A Blade

In the case where the sticker is only a few months old, the hand nails can be used to remove them easily. In that case, emphasis is laid on from which side can the sticker be removed easily, and the removal should start from that side. It is required to use the hand nail to starch the loose edge of the sticker, and this would mean that the sticker would be removed in on go rather than tearing apart. If the sticker is old, the steps should be repeated but with a sharp blade.

Adding on, it is important to be smooth in this entire process. If the sharp blade or nail is pressed too hard, it can create unattractive scratches on the surface of the entire laptop. This will result in an unattractive laptop, and will also impact its value and price in the market for selling. Hence, it is important to work slowly and with patience while removing the stickers.

Using A Blow Dryer to Remove the Sticker

Adding on, another step that can be used is a blow dryer. If the stickers have been present on the laptop for years, a lot of steps are required to remove them completely and with ease. This is when the blow dryer appears in the picture since it can remove the stickers easily and in a quick manner.

For stickers, their adhesive gets dry with time, which makes them harder to remove. The adhesive can be weakened by melting and the glue, hence why, the blow dryer is used to push hot air on the surface of the sticker. This causes the glue of the sticker to melt, resulting in the sticker peeling off easily without scratching the surface of the laptop.

Use A Damp Cloth to Remove the Stickers

Several people do not have access to blow dryers in their homes since they can be very expensive. Hence, a damp cloth can be used as a replacement for the blow dryers, as it too can melt the glue of the stickers.

This process requires you to hold a piece of cloth and submerge it in hot water. The piece of cloth should then be twisted to remove any water drips. The next step is to, rub the cloth on the surface of the sticker for a few minutes. After a while, the sticker will be easily removed from the surface of the laptop.

Use Olive Oil or Coconut Oil to Remove the Stickers

The incorporation of olive oil or coconut oil can also remove the stickers from the laptop easily. Although this process is more expensive than the other methods mentioned, it can produce good and effective results, at a fast pace.

This process requires you to add drops of oil to the palms of your hand. The next step is to dip a finger in the oil and rub it over the sticker in circles. Eventually, the sticker will be removed from the surface of the laptop, but this process requires a lot of patience. Working at a fast pace will result in the sticker not being removed properly.

Using Petrol to Remove the Stickers

Using petrol and rubbing it in circular motions across the sticker can cause the stickers to be easily removed from the surface of the laptop. Diesel can be used too, but petrol works more effectively for this purpose.

Using Rubbing Alcohol to Remove the Stickers

While using this method, it is important to turn off your laptop and unplug it from its power sources. In this manner, the laptop won’t be damaged. After this, isopropyl alcohol should be added to a piece of cloth or cotton bud, and that should be kept on the sticker for a few minutes. After the passing of a few minutes, the cloth should be moved in circular motions around the sticker, causing it to be removed.

Using Nail Polish Remover to Remove Stickers

Nail polish remover is an alcohol-based liquid. It can remove stickers without scratching by rubbing them on the surface of the sticker on a cloth or cotton bud.

Detaching The Residue

Upon removing stickers from the surface of the laptop without scratching, residue can be left behind on the laptop. The residues can look very unattractive if not removed properly. 

Hence, alcohol-based liquids can be used to remove them by using a soft cloth or cotton bud. Further adding on, dishwasher liquids can also be used to remove the residue to the stickers, by rubbing it on them. A solution of baking soda can also be used for this purpose, in addition to applying an oil-based substance, and scotch tape. The scotch tape is capable of removing the residue with its stickiness.

How To Reuse the Stickers?

Oftentimes individuals want to remove stickers from the surface of the laptop without losing their value and look. In that manner, stickers should be slowly removed from the surface of the laptop with a nail, which will cause the sticker to be removed in one piece without any residue. 

Adding on, liquids for glass cleaning can be used to remove stickers without adding any damage to them. That is because such liquids contain solvents that can remove the adhesive on the stickers, and remove them in one piece. Another potential method is to use a vinegar solution for this purpose. The solution causes the sticker to reside to attach to it, and the sticker can be reused. There are also many other ways to remove stickers in a manner where they can be reused, but individuals should be careful while using them.

How To Remove Stickers from A MacBook?

Methods such as the dishwashing liquid cannot be used on MacBook, due to its sensitive surface. Hence, for the MacBook, a piece of cloth soaked in water is required without the application of too much pressure. This will cause the stickers to be removed from the MacBook easily. 

Liquids that contain alcohol or other chemicals should be avoided altogether, and a piece of cloth dipped in hot water should be used instead. Unlike other laptops, the surface of the MacBook is very sensitive.

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