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Playing on the PS4 console is certainly entertaining for most of us. For one reason or another, you want to use your laptop screen as a monitor for PS4 but trying to figure out how?

Well, in reality, this is not going to be simple as you assume, like it doesn’t work by just linking an HDMI cable from your console to your laptop. It is not likely to connect the PS4 to a Laptop Screen directly.

The main reason is that the HDMI port or the High-Definition Multimedia Interface will be unidirectional so that it will only take output or input.

Steps to Play PS4 on Laptop Screen

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There are two ways to do enjoy gaming on your PS4, the first is through with HDMI cable, and the second is through remote play. Here we have explained two easy ways to play PS4 on a laptop screen with HDMI.

First, we are going to discuss the HDMI cable method. Since they cannot be connected directly, we have to use Video capture cardmaking for the process, which makes it quite easy to play PS4 games on the laptop. You just need to follow the simple Steps to Play PS4 on Laptop Screen.

Connecting with HDMI cable Via Video Capture Card

The first method we are going to share is about connecting your laptop with the PS4 console through video capture cards. This is quite a simple method; with a video capture card, you can easily play PS4 on the laptop with an HDMI cable but you need to buy the video capture card first.

Things you need are:

  • PS4
  • laptop
  • video capturing card
  • Internet connection
  • HDMI with dual-functioning
  • S-video connection

Once you gather all the stuff just follow the steps below.

1. Enable file sharing

The first step is to turn on the feature of file sharing. To do so, you need to go to the settings menu on the PS4. After that, go to the network setting, where you can enter the internet connection. If you are not using WiFi, you can use your router and configure your PS4 for that.

2. Connect the Video capture card

As soon as you have enabled the connection, you can stream between the devices. The next step requires you to attach a video capture card to the laptop through the USB port. No matter whatever video card you buy, it comes with an installation manual, which makes the installing and configuring process easy.

3. Connect the S-video 

Now it’s time to use the S-video connection; it is used to connect the video card to your PS4 console. S-video connection is easily available at your local retail stores. Now attach the capture card to your laptop with an HDMI-in link. Use the HDMI-out to attach the card with your PS4 console.

4. Install the software

The last step is to turn on your console and then run the software. The software application comes with a video card; it will help you to track your console and display it on the laptop screen. So finally, you will now be able to view the PS4 on your laptop screen. You can now enjoy playing your favorite game.

Connect Using PS4 Remote Play 

The second useful method to connect your PS4 to the laptop is by using the PS4 Remote Play. This tool allows you to stream the PS4 gaming console on your laptop using the software. By Using the Remote App, you make a remote connection to the PS4. 

Things you need are:

  • Laptop
  • Ps4 Console
  • USB Cable

Install remote play app

The most significant step of using this method is setting up your account on the PlayStation platform. To make this arrangement You need a high-speed internet connection. Download the latest PS4 Remote Play app, available on the official Sony website.

Validate that the App is compatible with the operating system of your laptop. The App is available for both MAC and Windows, so make sure you are installing the right one, compatible with your operating systems. Download the app and install it. Once you have completed the installation, it is time to turn on your PS4 and go to the settings. Make sure you enable the Remote Play Connection.

Also, you access the Network for the video games by activating the PS4 console. Or, you can leave this option.

Steps to Play PS4 on Laptop Screen 

  1. Turn on your PS4 and run it from the Network.
  2. Run the Remote Play App on your laptop.
  3. Go to the App setting option and set the resolution settings to 720p or your desired resolution.
  4. Connect the controller to your laptop using the UBS cable.
  5. Click on the start button on the Remote Play App.
  6. The App will track your PS4 system.
  7. Click OK and start playing your PS4 games on a laptop.


PS4 is a remarkable gaming console that permits you to play modern-day games with high graphics and without glitches. The major benefit of PS4 is that you don’t have to purchase graphic cards every year to play a new game that needs a higher resolution or pixels graphic card. So, PS4 saves you a lot of money, plus, it is intended for playing games only.

Besides, you can use your laptop as a monitor for PS4 if you don’t own an LCD or LED. 

The above two methods are reliable ways to attach your laptop with PS4 and use your laptop screen as a display monitor to enjoy your favorite games. We recommend the second method since the first one requires you to purchase a video capture card. If you can invest in it, then the first method is decent too.

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