How to Unlock Mouse Pad on Laptop [HP, DELL, Lenovo, Apple]

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Touchpads have made laptops much more functionally sound by allowing you to control your cursor through tactile movements. That’s significantly more intuitive than using a mouse, and it’s a big reason why people prefer trackpads to separate mice these days. One thing to note is that it is easy for you to lock your touchpad. It’s helpful to do so if your touchpad is overly sensitive and moves your cursor at the slightest touch, something that can be frustrating when you are typing, and your palm grazes the touch pad’s surface.

However, you also need to know how to unlock your mouse pad. After all, touchpads are the most convenient way to control your cursor, and at a certain point, you would want to turn them back on again. The method for unlocking your mouse pad differs based on your laptop’s manufacturer. We have outlined mouse pad unlocking processes for the four biggest laptop providers, namely HP, Dell, Lenovo, and Apple. Read on to find out how you can start using your touch-based cursor controls.

How to Unlock Your Mouse Pad on an HP Laptop

Touchpads on HP laptops tend to be slightly different from other models. There are two types of touchpads that you can get with laptops from this manufacturer. Newer laptops from HP use Synaptic Touchpads. The great thing about this touchpad type is that it is very easy to lock and unlock. All you need to do is see if the light on the top right of your touchpad is on. If it is, your touchpad is locked and you have to double tap the top right corner to unlock it. Alternatively, you can try to tap the top right corner and hold it down for a few seconds until the light turns off.

One thing to make sure of with Synaptic Touchpads is that your drivers are up to date. An outdated driver will prevent you from using the easy on/off toggle, so if this method doesn’t work for you try to update your driver.

You can check the touchpad drivers for your HP laptop here.

Older HP laptops don’t have Synaptic Touchpads, but they’re still easy to toggle on or off. Instead of a double tap, you would need to flip a switch that’s next to the indicator light. In case these methods don’t work for you, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Windows key with the L key to open Settings.
  2. Go to the Devices section and enter the Touchpad tab.
  3. There will be a toggle that you can switch on or off. Switch it to the On position and start using your touchpad.

How to Unlock Your Mouse Pad on a Dell Laptop

Dell laptops tend to have standard touchpads. Unlocking them is more of a straightforward step by step process that we have outlined below:

Windows 10

  1. There is a magnifying glass or a search bar next to the Start menu on your taskbar. It’s on the bottom left side of your screen. Click on it to enter a search query. Alternatively, you can simultaneously press the Windows and Q keys.
  2. Type “touchpad” in the search bar and click on Touchpad Settings. That will take you to the Touchpad section of your System Settings.
  3. Your Touchpad Settings tab will have an option to toggle your touchpad on or off. Toggle it on to start using your touchpad. In case you don’t see the toggle, go to Additional Settings and click on Dell Touchpad and follow the same steps.

Windows 7

  1. Hold down the Windows and the Q key to open the search bar. Windows 7 doesn’t have a search bar next to the Start menu, so using the hotkeys is essential here.
  2. Type “main.cpl” once the search bar has opened. That will show you a list of programs, and you need to select the program with the same name as your search query. It will be easy to find main.cpl in the programs list.
  3. Go to Dell Touchpad and move the toggle into the On position to unlock your mouse pad.

How to Unlock Your Mouse Pad on a Lenovo Laptop

The process for unlocking a Lenovo touchpad is similar to that of a Dell touchpad. Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Press the Windows and R key. The run command box will open when you hold them down together.
  2. Type in “mouse properties” or “control mouse”. That will open your mouse’s tab in the control panel.
  3. Go to Device Settings, then Lenovo Touchpad.
  4. Click on the Enable button.

If that doesn’t work, your touchpad’s driver might be corrupted. Reinstall the driver to start using it. Driver reinstallation might not work in some cases too. That would indicate a problem with the hardware, which is something that only a technician can solve.

You can check the touchpad drivers for your Lenovo laptop here.

How to Unlock Your Mouse Pad on a Macbook.

Apple is well known for following its own path in all its products. That means that the mouse pad unlocking process for a Macbook would be somewhat unique. Sometimes, your trackpad might stop working because an external mouse is connected. Disconnecting this external mouse should solve the issue.

If that doesn’t work, you might have mouse keys enabled. They allow you to control your cursor through your keyboard. You can disable mouse keys by tapping the Option key five times in quick succession. You might have to go into System Preferences to turn them off in some cases.

Another method involves resetting your Macbook’s SMC. To do this,

  1. Shut your Macbook down.
  2. Hold down the power button and press the Shift, Control and Option keys. Hold these keys down for ten seconds, then release and turn your Macbook on.
  3. Your touchpad should be unlocked now.

Macbooks don’t have a setting to lock or unlock your touchpad, so if it isn’t working it might be the symptom of a different problem. Macbooks require some experimentation to unlock their features, but the good thing is that these methods are relatively straightforward.


Why Is My Touchpad Not Working?

If your touchpad isn’t working at all, it might be locked or disabled. Follow the instructions above to unlock it. Alternatively, it might be a driver issue. Update your drivers to fix this problem. Another possibility is that your touchpad has sustained physical damage, in which case locking it and using an external mouse might be your best bet.

Can I Make My Mouse Pad Less Sensitive?

Yes you can! You can go to mouse settings and adjust your touchpad sensitivity according to your preferences. If your touchpad sensitivity is too high, it might be tough to control and the cursor will jump around while you type.

How Do I Calibrate My Touchpad?

Your touchpad’s advanced settings contains a calibration option. You can click on it to calibrate your touchpad. That will make your cursor movements more consistent and can prevent it from moving in unpredictable ways.

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