How to Turn Wi-Fi on Toshiba Satellite Laptop [Easy Guide]

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The infamous Toshiba satellite laptop indeed is a charm, but it comes with certain issues that a user finds complex. There are a number of issues that a user can find confusing. And one of the major ones is how to Turn Wi-Fi on a Toshiba Satellite laptop.

As complex as the problem may seem, there are a number of ways to resolve it. However, most of them work flawlessly and yield a perfectly working laptop. Nonetheless, I’ll list down a number of solutions that you will find easy to work with.

Turning on the wireless connectivity in your Toshiba Satellite laptop:

This first guide will help you enable wireless connectivity in your Toshiba Satellite laptop. So if you are facing a resonant issue, read this solution carefully.

Step 1:

As you know, every laptop series differentiates from the other. So it’s viable to look into the model you own. As different models can have different solutions, it is feasible to inspect your Toshiba Satellite model first.

Now by using the touchpad of your laptop, or any external mouse, take the screen cursor and hover it on a small ‘antenna’ symbol located adjacent to the search box. This will indicate your presence over the Wi-Fi configuration.

However, there is another way to approach this situation. You can look on your laptop’s keyboard and try to find a similar symbol on the top row keys. When successful, press it and the Wi-Fi option will pop up on your screen. Furthermore, you will be able to allow the Wi-Fi connectivity options to your Toshiba Satellite laptop.

Step 2:

Now there are several ways on how you will approach step 2. When done with step 1, you should head towards the control panel of your laptop. There, you can choose whatever option is feasible for you. It can either be going towards the ‘Network Connections’ tab or the ‘Sharing’ tab. It depends on what mode of connectivity you are opting for in your laptop.

Step 3:

Now go ahead towards the ‘Set Internet Network Connections’ window while progressing towards your connectivity options. From there, right-click the active wireless link and Go for the ‘properties’ section. Now toggle the button that is located on the left side and enable it through the cursor. Now all you have to do now is to wait.

How to enable the On-screen switch for Wireless Connectivity?

There are also a certain amount of options that cater for the needs instead of just holding down the Function key or the ‘Fn’ key of your laptop’s keyboard. You can press and hold the ‘Fn’ key along with the Shift key. You now have to press the ‘Spacebar’ key as well. That will help your hotkey icons to get visible on the screen.

Still, the concern persists about the location of the wireless switch on the Toshiba Satellite laptop. So for that purpose, I would like you to know that there are certain laptops that have the Wi-Fi toggle key. That key supports the ‘Wi-Fi on/off function.

Apparently, that key can be found on the top row of keys of your Toshiba Satellite laptop. That key’s presence can be helpful to you if you cannot find the ‘Control Panel’ on your laptop. 

Also, if you are keen to know about how to enable the Function key on your Toshiba laptop, there is an extensive article that you can read by clicking here.

How to Turn on the Wi-Fi if your Toshiba Satellite laptop runs Windows 7?

If your Toshiba satellite laptop runs an older operating software i.e. Windows 7, you can enable the Wi-Fi connectivity by following these simple steps.

Head towards the ‘Connections’ tab of your laptop and right-click the wireless link following that procedure. When reached that particular tab, Click on ‘Enable’ from the menu bar that is located on the left side. There will be a small button with a ‘Radio’ symbol. Click on that button. It will enable wireless connectivity. Now, wait for a few moments until your Toshiba Satellite laptop gets connected with the wireless internet.

What If My Toshiba Satellite Laptop Doesn’t Connect to the Wi-Fi?

There might be a possibility that your Toshiba Satellite laptop won’t connect to the wireless connection even after pressing the key. In that case, Go to the taskbar and right-click on the ‘Network’ icon. Now progress towards the ‘Device Manager’ folder and find your Wi-Fi card option. The card can be labelled differently on the different models. When finding the card name, try to search with the names like Realtek, Atheros, Broadcom, etc. 

Now restart your Satellite laptop and let the Windows Update feature handle the rest. It will reinstall the driver and will help your Wi-Fi to get back into action. Also, If you are interested to learn more about the problem of when your laptop won’t connect to the Wi-Fi, read this detailed article to find its solution by clicking here.

Toshiba laptop with windows 10

Fixing Wi-Fi Connectivity on Toshiba Laptop (Restart Method):

  1. As mentioned above that different laptop models have different options, it is best to explore your Toshiba laptop model first.
  2. Now locate the Wi-Fi key on the keyboard of your laptop. As usual, it will be located on the top row of the keyboard. Now in order to check its functionality, toggle the key to ensure whether the Wi-Fi of your laptop is turning on and off.
  3. Restart your laptop.
  4. Along with restarting your laptop, Restart your Wi-Fi router as well. 
  5. Here, you have to make sure that everything is working fine. Make sure that the WLAN light is working and turned on, make sure the settings are done correctly, etc.
  6. In the settings tab, make sure that the SSID is being broadcasted and the network connection is public. 
  7. When everything is set up, enter the password as a fresh start and connect your Toshiba Satellite laptop with the wireless connection.

How to Prevent Wi-Fi from Keep Turning Off:

  1. In order to stop Wi-Fi from turning off automatically, go to the Control Panel.
  2. Upon clicking, proceed by going towards the Network Connections.
  3. As you are facing the issue of the automatic turning off of the Wi-Fi connection, Right-click on the option that says ‘Wireless Connection’.
  4. Now go to the ‘Power Management’ Section and go to its ‘properties’.
  5. Now there will be an option that says ‘Allow the Computer to Turn Off this device to save power’.
  6.  When you find that option, untick the checkbox to disable it.
  7. Save the changes to get this configuration.


  1. When needed, how can I access the Advance Options on my Toshiba Satellite laptop?

When needed, you can press and hold the F8 key in the top row of your Toshiba Satellite laptop. It will enable you to jump to the Advanced Options of your laptop.

  1. When connected to a wireless connection, why my Toshiba Satellite laptop says “no internet access”?

This is because the network you are trying to connect to your Toshiba Satellite laptop is insecure. So in order to resolve that issue, go to the wireless network tab and head towards the power management. Now disable the option of “Allow the machine to switch off the device to save power”. Save the changes and restart your laptop. When rebooted, you will see that your laptop can be connected to your wireless connection.

  1. What is the ultimate way to manually troubleshoot my Toshiba Satellite laptop?

In order to manually reset and troubleshoot your Toshiba Satellite laptop, follow these steps:

  1. Shut down your laptop either by start menu or by pressing the power key.
  2. Now disconnect the battery from your laptop. For that, first, remove the power plug from your laptop, and then gently pull out the battery from the back.
  3. Now when there is no battery installed in your laptop, press and hold the power button for about 25-30 seconds to drain off all the remaining battery in your laptop.
  4. After ensuring that your laptop is completely drained out of power, reinstall the external battery and reconnect the power cable.
  5. Now charge your laptop to its fullest. Remember not to operate the laptop meanwhile it’s charging.
  6. When the laptop is fully recharged, restart your laptop.
Toshiba laptop on charging


After going through such extensive knowledge regarding how to enable Wi-Fi in your Toshiba Satellite laptop, you will be able to fix your laptop in an instant. Not only for yourself, but you will also be able to help out yourself along with other Toshiba laptops around you that face the same issue. 

Also, if you are looking forward to buying a Toshiba Laptop, click here to get redirected to the official Toshiba website where you will be able to see all the available options to purchase the laptop.

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