How to Turn On Wi-Fi on Dell Laptop with Keyboard

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Wi-Fi allows you to wirelessly connect to the internet to surf the worldwide web. Since many people and businesses are on the web it is crucial to be online to keep up.

It can be annoying to always have to connect an Ethernet cable to your laptop just to access the internet. It is an outdated way of connecting to the web and restricts the laptop’s portability.

Many computer manufacturers notice the shift to digital with businesses and people going online more than ever. Noticing this change – many modern computers come with wireless capability equipped. This helps people connect to the internet without using a LAN or Ethernet cable

However, for most beginners it could be complicated to actually enable this feature.

You might be frustrated and force yourself to use an Ethernet port but it’s easy to turn on Wi-Fi on your laptop. And you can do it just by using your keyboard!

Turning on Wi-Fi on your Dell laptop

Being the 3rd largest PC vendor in the world with a global market share of 15% in 2020, Dell is a popular choice for most first-time computer users.

It is important to first check your Dell laptop model to follow the instructions properly. Some older Dell models such as the Dell Latitude series have a button on the side of the computer. This has to be first switched to “On” before proceeding with the below steps.

In this article, we’ll look into how to turn on Wi-Fi on your dell laptop using only your keyboard and other questions you may have.

Keyboard shortcut to turn on Wi-Fi on Dell laptop

Turning on WI-FI capability is easy on a dell laptop.

All you have to do is:

  1. Locate the function key on your laptop keyboard. This will be the key labelled Fn.
  2. Hold the function (Fn) key and press the F2 button. The F2 button should have a wireless tower icon on it. The wireless button might be different on your computer so check the button with the wireless tower icon and press it.
Dell Keyboard with buttons highlighted to turn on Wi-Fi
  1. This should enable the wireless capability.
  2. Restart your computer so that the change is finalized.
  3. Once the computer boots up navigate to the wireless icon below on the right side of your screen.
  4. Click it and select the wireless network you want to connect.

That’s it.

You are now able to use Wi-Fi on your dell laptop!

You can check out this video below for a clearer understanding of how to turn on Wi-Fi on a Dell laptop using your keyboard:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some frequently asked questions from dell laptop users regarding wireless capabilities.

How to turn off Wi-Fi on a Dell laptop on keyboard?

To turn off the Wi-Fi using your keyboard follow the same instructions outlined above. Hold the function (Fn) key and press the F2 button.

Why is there a red cross on my wireless network?

If you see a red-cross on the wireless icon of your computer this means Wi-Fi capability has not been turned on. In some Dell laptop models you have to turn on the Wi-Fi switch located on the side of your laptop.

If this is not the case, simply turning on the Wi-Fi using your keyboard would make the red-cross go away allowing you to select an internet connection.

How to turn on Wi-Fi on Dell laptop without keyboard or Fn key?

It might be that you don’t have ready access to your keyboard or your Fn key is broken.

In either case, don’t fret. There is another way to turn on Wi-Fi without using your keyboard. Just follow the below instructions:

  1. Go to Search and type “control panel” and open it.
  2. In Control panel go to Network and Internet > switch Wi-Fi from “Off” to “On”.
Windows 10 control panel menu
dell laptop with Wi-Fi button turned on
  1. You can also turn on Wi-Fi by clicking the bottom right wireless icon and switch Wi-Fi to “On”.
dell laptop menu with Wi-Fi button listed


It is very easy to turn on Wi-Fi on your Dell laptop using only your keyboard.

The function key located on the bottom left of the computer provides extra features for the computer. You can use this function key to turn on Wi-Fi on your laptop with your keyboard.

It is important to check your laptop model as some older models of the Dell laptops such as, Dell Latitude have a button located at the side of them. These need to be first switched to “On” and flash a green light so you can proceed with enabling your Wi-Fi.

If you can’t access your keyboard at the moment it is still possible to connect your Dell laptop to the internet. With the help of the control panel you can enable your Wi-Fi with a few simple clicks.

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