How to Rotate Screen on Dell Laptop

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The most common screen orientation for laptops is the standard landscape setting, but that’s not the only way to arrange your screen view. There are lots of ways to rotate your screen, flip it upside down or arrange it sideways. You might want to do this to get a different look at a project you are working on, or you might have accidentally flipped your screen, and you need to know how this works to get it back to normal. It can help you use your laptop similarly to a tablet, and we have outlined the different ways in which you can achieve this.

Keystroke Method

Some people might tell you to download special software to flip your screen, but this is unnecessary. You can flip your laptop screen orientation with just a few keystrokes. Press the Control, Alt, and Up Arrow keys at the same time. This will turn your screen upside down. You can change the arrow if you want your screen to turn sideways, and pressing the Up key will bring your screen back to its original orientation if you don’t like the way it looks right now.

If this method does not work, it might mean that the shortcut is disabled. Press Control, Alt, and F1 to enable or disable it. The shortcut should work now. However, if the shortcut still doesn’t work the way you expected, we have discussed several alternative methods below. Any of these methods can work if you implement them correctly.

Flip Screen Using Control Panel

Keyboard shortcuts sometimes don’t work for a wide range of reasons, which is why this method can be helpful. You might also prefer to have a hands-on approach to things and flip your screen in a more detailed manner. You can do this from the control panel.

Windows 7 Users

Lots of people still use Windows 7 since it is a reliable operating system. You can open the control panel by clicking on the Start button and clicking on Control Panel. Another way to do this would be to type in “Control Panel” in the search bar and click on Control Panel.

Once you have opened the Control Panel, go to Appearance and Personalization. You will see a Display and Screen Resolution tab in this section. You can now choose the screen orientation by selecting either Landscape or Portrait. You can also rotate the screen by flipping the Landscape or Portrait orientation, thereby getting a sideways view.

To change your screen orientation back to normal, repeat the steps above. You get a lot of control over how your screen looks, thanks to these settings.

Windows 10 Users

There are multiple ways Windows 10 users can rotate the screen of their Dell laptop.

Rotate Screen from Start Menu

Windows 10 is a highly optimized operating system too, but it works slightly differently from Windows 7. That said, opening up your Control Panel in Windows 10 is just as easy as it would be in Windows 7; it’s just the steps would have specific changes in them.

When you click on the Windows icon, also called the Start button, you will notice a gear icon just above the power button. It would be the second icon from the bottom up on the bottom left of your Start menu. This is the Settings icon, and clicking on it will take you to the Control Panel, which in Windows 10 is called Settings.

Once in Settings, you will see several different sections. You only need to pay attention to the first section, which is called System. After clicking on System, you might notice a list of areas on the left-hand side of your screen. The top option would be Display settings, and this is the section that opens up by default when you click on System.

Scroll down in Display settings until you see a “Display orientation” label with a dropdown menu under it. Clicking on the dropdown menu would reveal four options: Landscape, Portrait, Landscape (Flipped), and Portrait (Flipped). Select whichever screen orientation you want, and you’re done! If you don’t like the screen orientation you have chosen, you can select a different option easily through Display settings

Tap Windows+X

There is another way to get to Settings without having to open the Start Menu. Press the Windows key + X to open a drop down menu that will extend upwards from the Start button. You will see Settings in the middle section between Task Manager and File Explorer. Go to Settings and then follow the instructions we have given above as normal.

Right Click Desktop

The final way to get to Display Settings doesn’t require you to look anywhere near the Start button. Right click on your desktop and select Display from the drop down menu. The rest of the steps will be the same as what you followed in the previous methods.

How to Rotate Screen Using Graphics Control Panel

You will see an icon for your graphics card in the systems tray. Clicking on it would open up your graphics card control panel. Another way in which you can access this control panel is by opening the right-click dropdown menu on your desktop. One of the options in the context menu is Graphics Properties, and if you click on it, it will take you to the Control Panel that interfaces directly with your graphics card.

The Display settings tab in your Graphics Control Panel would have options that can help you orient your screen. You can choose between flipping your screen by 90, 180, and 270 degrees. Putting in a value of 0 in that field will maintain the standard screen orientation. While these options might vary based on what graphics card you are using, the steps would be more or less similar. All you need to do is go into your graphics card properties and select the option you prefer.


Why Should I Rotate My Screen?

All kinds of displays are being used these days, and the rise of smartphones and tablets has made vertical displays quite popular. Your laptop screen likely has a horizontal display, and limiting it to this can be unproductive. Screen flipping is helpful in design contexts and checking if a page you have created will read nicely on vertical screen orientation. It can also help you to look at the work you are doing from a different angle.

Can I Rotate My Screen With Multiple Displays?

Yes, you can! You might notice a subsection under Display settings called “Multiple Displays.” You can choose which display you want to flip, which is quite helpful if you want one of the displays to have a different screen orientation from the others.

How Can I Turn Off Screen Rotation Hotkeys?

Having screen flipping shortcuts enabled can lead to some problems, especially if someone wants to play a prank on you. To disable the shortcuts, go to Display Properties. Then click on Settings, followed by Advanced Settings. There will be a Hot Keys section in the Graphics tab where you can toggle the keys on or off.

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