How to Remove Hard Drive from Dell Laptop

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There are lots of reasons for you to want to remove your hard drive. Perhaps you want to replace it with a new one, such as an SSD that will greatly increase your laptop’s overall speed. Alternatively, hard drives can sometimes develop bad sectors, which means that you would need to replace them lest you lose all of your data.

At this point, some people might give their laptops to a computer technician to handle the hard drive removal. However, sometimes it is important to take matters into your own hands. Removing a hard drive yourself is surprisingly easy, especially when you follow the steps provided below. Once the removal is complete, replacement is just a matter of repeating the same steps in reverse. Read on to find out how you can learn this highly useful technique.

Pre-Removal Guide

Certain steps need to be followed before hard drive removal can get underway. Firstly, you should try to back up all of your data onto an external drive. That’s because there is a high chance of data corruption, and you don’t want to lose access to your files if you make a mistake.

Subsequently, you must remove all cables from your laptop and disconnect them from any power source. It’s is so that you can avoid electric shocks and other similar issues. Turning your laptop off is also necessary because it will make it easier to remove the hard drive. Doing so would be more difficult if you have multiple moving parts that you need to work around. You should ideally remove the battery just to be safe.

Finally, turn your laptop onto its screen so that the baseplate is in front of you. You can get to work removing the hard drive from your Dell laptop once these steps have been completed.

Step By Step Guide for Dell Latitude Hard Drive Removal

There are two methods to remove the Hard drive for a Dell Latitude laptop as different models have different builds.

Method #1

Step 1 – Remove Screws

Check the bottom left corner of your laptop’s baseplate. It should be the side that you would open your screen from if your laptop was the right way up. Take out the two screws that are located in that area.

Step 2 – Remove Hard Drive

Dell Latitude laptops have hard drives that can be removed without touching the baseplate. You can slide the hard drive out after removing the screws.

Method #2

These steps are for different models of the Dell Latitude series. Follow these steps if your laptop doesn’t have a slide-in hard drive.

Step 1 – Remove Bottom Door

Some Dell Latitude laptops have concealed hard drives. You would need to remove the bottom door to access them. The bottom door can be removed after taking out the battery. There won’t be any screws holding the bottom door in place, so you should be able to remove it by hand.

Step 2 – Remove the Screws

There will be either two or four screws securing the hard drive in its slot. Unscrew them by turning them in an anticlockwise direction. It will release the hard drive and make it easier to pull out.

Step 3 – Pull Tab to Remove Hard Drive

The hard drives in this model come with a Mylar tab. Pull-on the tab and the hard drive should slide right out as long as all of the screws have been removed. Don’t use excessive force here, otherwise, you might damage the ribbons. If the hard drive doesn’t come out with gentle tugging, try to see if there are any more screws you can remove.

Step By Step Guide for Dell Precision Hard Drive Removal

Follow these steps to remove the hard drive from a Dell Precision laptop.

Step 1 – Remove Bottom Door

You will notice a small door on the lower left side of your laptop’s baseplate. Remove the two screws that are holding it in place. Once the screws are removed, you should be able to lift the bottom door off without any issues.

Step 2 – Unscrew Hard Drive Bracket

The hard drive bracket is a slotted cage that has the hard drive inside of it. It is secured by five screws which you need to remove. Do not remove the hard drive bracket after unscrewing. There are a couple more steps you would need to follow first.

Step 3 – Unlock Battery Latch

Dell Precision laptops come with a latch that can lock or unlock your battery in place. The latch also helps secure the hard disk cage. Slide it downwards to put the latch in the unlocked position.

Step 4 – Extract Hard Drive

The hard drive bracket is now released from all of its holdings. You can pull it out by hand, and the hard drive will come out with it. You can unscrew the hard drive from the bracket if you want to take it out.

Step By Step Guide for Dell Inspiron Hard Drive Removal

Follow these steps to remove the hard drive from a Dell Inspiron laptop.

Step 1 – Remove Hard Drive Cover

Inspiron laptops are unique in that they have a panel specifically for the hard drive. Unscrew the two screws to release it from the bottom base.

Step 2 – Remove Hard Drive Screws

There will be a further two screws that are pinning the hard drive down. The screws would be going through a thin plastic strip as well as the hard drive. Removing it will release the hard drive from the bottom base as well as the motherboard.

Step 3 – Disconnect the Hard Drive

The hard drive will be connected to a hard drive assembly. You can slide the assembly upwards to disengage it. The hard drive will now no longer be connected to your laptop.

Step 4 – Slide Hard Drive Out

Inspiron laptops also have a Mylar tab on the laptop. Pull the tab up to release the hard drive, and then away from the laptop to extract it. Your hard drive has now been removed, and you can replace it with a new one if you want.


Why Should I Remove the Hard Drive Myself?

Being able to remove your laptop’s hard drive is a very useful skill. It can help you to fix your laptop on your own instead of having to spend unreasonable amounts of money on a repair technician. Also, the guide we have provided to you will help you get it done in no time.

Is It Difficult to Remove a Hard Drive?

Not at all! A laptop’s internal components might look complicated, but they are nothing but pieces of hardware that have been slotted together. They are made to be easy to remove by default so that anyone can replace them or see what’s wrong with them.

How Much Time Does It Take To Remove a Hard Drive?

It depends on your laptop model, but generally it shouldn’t take more than twenty minutes. It might take longer if it’s your first time, but someone experienced with laptop disassembly can get it done in just over ten minutes. Hence, you should expect to spend anywhere from ten to twenty minutes on removing your hard drive based on how much experience you have.

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