Laptop Only Charges When Turned Off? Here’s How to Fix!

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Laptops are an absolute necessity these days, with more focus bing on remote work. You can practically run compaines with just your tiny achine. However, laptops run into problams like not carging propeprly which can ruin your work flow. One such problem is your laptop only charging when tuned off. If you are facing the same problem – You have come to the right place, read on to find more about fixing you rlaptop when it us only charging while tunrned off.

Why is your laptop only charging while closed?

There are plenty of reasons why your laptop might be doing this, here are some of the reasons why your laptop is charging only while bing being closed.

Battery is worn out

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Among all the compartments of your laptop, your laptop battery is the most fragile item that can go bad over some time. Therefore, if your laptop is charging while being closed only – the culprit might be your own laptop battery. Now you must be thinking if the battery is defective, why is it still charging? The reasons is simple… WHen your laptop is truned off its not using any power whatsoever, this is why it igets charged. On the other hand, while your laptp is up ad running, your battery is in use which is why i does not hodthe chrag epropley.

FIX: The fix to this problem is simple, you need to change the laptop battery by contacting your manufacturer or ordering it online through Amazon or other websites. There is plenty of tutorials on youtube that will help you with the safe removal of your battery, so you can install the new one. However, before removing the battery and getting a new one to install, make sure that your laptop battery charger is working properly. In most cases, the laptop battery is working fine but the charger is malfunctioning.

Laptop is over heating

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Another common reason why your laptop maybe not charged properly or only charge when turned off can be because of overheating. Most of the applications are heavy these days and they consume a lot of power. If your laptop is new then it won’t be a problem but older laptops are more prone to overheating. Which can hinder it from getting charged. on the other hand, when your laptop is not turned on it does not get overheated and charges properly.

FIX: Your laptop gets overheated due to many reasons. You can either fix it with the help of the software or hardware. As far as the software goes, use a cleaning application that can close all the used applications so that there is no extra load n the laptop. Similarly, you can use a laptop fan to make sure heat does not accumulate under your laptop. LAptop fans are available at online websites like Amazon.

Charger is broken

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Laptop chargers can easily go bad by overheating or short circuits. Therefore, this can be another reason why your laptop may not charge fully when turned on. The reason is simple, when the charge is faulty it may not provide proper power to the laptop when turned on because of the fact that the laptop uses more power to run all the applications.

FIX: You can fix this problem by buying a new charger or fixing the one you have currently. Although getting a new one is far more efficient than fixing your old one. Make sure that you buy an original one that is compatible with your laptop. Sometimes when the chargers are not compatible, they can also be bad for your laptop’s battery as they often provide a voltage that is either lower or higher than required.

Other Issues

Your laptop motherboard can also be a reason which can cause problems while charging. But you need to get it checked properly before making any assumptions. However, if you think you have an understanding of the nitty-gritty of your laptop, then you can check it yourself and fix the issue. However, chances of your motherboard malfunctioning are very thin but you should consider everything.


Laptops serve no actual purpose if their battery is not working properly. Your laptop battery can run into many problems. However, the most common one is the battery not getting charged while the laptop is turned on. If your laptop is doing the same, start with checking your laptop battery charger for any faults and then move on to the bigger issues like motherboard, etc.

If your charger and battery are malfunctioning then you can fix the problem easily. However, if the charging port and motherboard are the issue, it will take some time to fix these issues. In both cases, get ready to spend a few extra bucks. And if the problem still persists, you will have to get another laptop!

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