Is 14 Inch Laptop Big? What to Choose Otherwise

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There are lots of things that you need to consider when you buy a laptop. Some people look for a laptop with a high res screen. Others want the internal components to be cutting edge. Lots of people don’t really mind what types of specs their laptop has, but they do care about size. Size is actually an important factor to consider when you are buying a laptop. It can impact how convenient or inconvenient your laptop might be for you.

Generally speaking, most people would want a midsized laptop. Which means laptops that have 15-inch screens. But there is another laptop size that you can check out too. Namely 14-inch laptops. They’re not as common as 15-inch laptops. Still, they can provide some great advantages. They also come with a few disadvantages of course. Before you buy a 14 inch laptop, you would want to know about its pros and cons. We’re going to get into that shortly. We will also tell you about alternatives to the 14-inch laptop size. So that you can figure out which laptop size would work best for you.

Benefits of 14 Inch Laptops

Laptops that have 11 or 13 inch screens are often too small. They are not suitable for detailed work. And they can be on the delicate side of things as well. This means that a bit of rough use could result in damage occurring. Many people look to 15 inch laptops as an alternative. But we for some they can be a bit too cumbersome. Calling a 15 inch computer a laptop is a bit of stretch. Because 15 inches is a little too big for most laps. So you might have to resort to using it on a table instead.

With 14 inch laptops, you get the best of both worlds. This won’t be true for everyone of course. Some would find it too small or too big for their liking. But if you want something that combines portability with durability then a 14 inch laptop would be perfect for you. Durability isn’t the only advantage of larger laptops. They also tend to have much better specs. Which is why so many people tend to prefer the 15 inch variety even though these laptops tend to be a little too bulky.

The great thing about 14 inch laptops is that they are large enough to fit in high end components. This isn’t possible with 10-13 inch laptops. As the chassis that these laptops contain their components intends to have limited real estate.

You might think that an inch is not a lot. But you need to realize that 14 inch laptops are an inch smaller on all sides. That adds up to a surprising amount. It helps the laptop stay lightweight as well. So you can get top-of-the-line components in a more portable package. People that want 15 inch laptop specs without having to deal with the weight would love 14 inch laptops.

More Portable Alternatives to 14 Inch Laptops

There are lots of reasons why you might not like 14 inch laptops. They might be too heavy or large for some. Which is the same problem that they would have with 15 inch laptops. If you don’t really want a machine with high-end specs, you’re probably willing to get smaller laptop varieties. Such as 11 or 13 inch laptops. The less advanced specs can work well for regular office work. Or if you just want to answer some emails occasionally.

This laptop is about as small as you can get. They’re suitable for students and other similar users. But don’t expect to get any heavy-duty usage out of them. And being able to play video games on them is pretty much impossible.

14 Inch Laptop Alternatives With Better Specs

Your laptop size options will differ if your main priority is specs. While 14 inch laptops can provide some pretty solid specs, they sometimes lag behind. Because 15.6 inch laptops can fit in larger components that can handle more tasks. But the specs are more or less comparable between 14 inch and 15 inch models.

If you want to get truly top-of-the-line specs, you have to go even bigger. We’re talking about 17 inch laptops of course. Laptops of this size can seem quite gigantic. Many would consider them far too big. But that doesn’t matter if you have to get work done. Most designers and gamers would need a 17 inch machine. Because only a machine of this size would be able to contain the latest GPUs which can be somewhat bulky.

There is the obvious downside of restricted mobility. You can’t expect such a bulky machine to be portable after all. The thing about laptops is that there will always be a give and take. You need to ascertain what matters most to you. If you want to play the latest video games, a 14 inch laptop won’t work out for you. The same goes for designers, music producers, and others that need to use heavy programs to get the job done. Unless you want to compromise on your tasks by using subpar tech. Which most professionals would not be willing to do for obvious reasons.

A 17 inch laptop would still be relatively portable. Especially when you compare it to a desktop. And it can give you desktop-level computing power. But we still feel like 14 inch laptops are the way to go. They have specs that can handle the vast majority of tasks that the average person would need to complete. And they still manage to be surprisingly lightweight and compact. You can easily store a laptop of this size in your backpack. And it might feel like you’re not carrying anything at all!

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