7 Proven and Easiest Ways to Increase Laptop’s Battery Life!

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Laptop performance is slow when on battery? One of the main reasons and most common cause for this, and a problem with most laptops, is that computer systems tend to use more power when they are not plugged in. 

This is because the laptop has less energy to devote to running system processes resulting in a slowdown.

In order to combat this issue, there are a few things you can do to improve your laptop’s performance on battery.

Let me show you some essential ways about how to increase laptop’s battery life. 

To increase the performance of any Windows laptop when running from the battery, there are a few steps you should take right away.

Best Ways About How to Increase Laptop’s Battery Life

  1. Close Apps and Run Laptop on Airplane Mode

If you are a teacher and use the laptop for teaching purposes, first of all, make sure that you close out all applications and programs that you aren’t using at the moment. 

The more programs running, the more power it will take your laptop to run them.

This is because these applications and programs drain power while running in the background placing more strain on your battery which can result in slower speeds overall while using it.

Along with closing down unused system processes and shutting down any apps or programs that can wait until your next use such as messenger services, email clients, browsers, etc,

Make sure to enable the built-in energy conserving options within your laptop’s power settings.

To further improve performance on battery, have your computer run on Airplane Mode. 

This will increase your laptop’s battery life by shutting down all wireless functions that connect to the internet, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. 

Especially when you are not using the laptop, having the wireless radios off will increase performance by shutting down background processes that eat up battery power.

  1. Have Laptop Run in High-Performance Mode

In order to ensure that laptop battery life is at its best, click on the battery icon in the taskbar and select “High-Performance” mode. This will make your laptop run in its optimal performance state when running on battery for best results.

How to do it? Simply click on the battery icon in the taskbar, select “High-Performance” mode and enjoy good streaming.

If you need your laptop to be as fast as possible when running on battery, then the best is to configure it so that it has these settings:

Performance Mode: High Performance

Power Saver Mode: Disabled

Display: Use Nvidia Adaptive Vertical Sync: On  

This will provide you with a much faster and responsive laptop when running on battery.

  1. Allow Computer to Rest When Battery is at 100%

When your battery reaches 100%, you want to let your computer rest. When charging the battery to 100%, it is best to simply let your computer rest for an hour or so before disconnecting it. 

This will allow the computer to charge up everything that it can so that when unplugging, you have enough power to run well throughout the day without continuously needing charges.

  1. Avoid Extreme Temperatures

When it comes to running a laptop on battery, avoid extreme temperatures. This is because the performance of your laptop decreases in warmer or colder weather due to the way that it produces power. 

If you are using your computer in a cold environment, go ahead and warm it up to room temperature before using it for best results when running on battery power.

5. Avoid Frequent and Rapid Charging

If you are constantly charging your laptop, especially in short periods such as before leaving the house, you risk running down the battery. 

Instead, it is best to charge up when at home where charging can be done for longer periods without worrying about leaving the computer uncharged before using it again. 

Moreover, consider purchasing an extra battery to switch out when your first one dies. 

This will allow you to keep working even when your computer runs low on power without needing a break from work. Adjust Graphics and Display Settings

Make sure that you set the laptop’s display to dim when running on battery power, turn down the screen brightness, and reduce the performance of your graphics chip whenever possible.

To increase laptop’s battery life, when running a laptop on battery, adjust your graphics and display settings. 

This is because the more intense the graphics are for games or videos, the more power it will drain from your battery. 

How to do it? Simply right-click anywhere in an empty spot on your desktop and go into “Graphics Properties” to adjust it to only needful requirements especially when you are playing high-end games like PS4.

While powering through some documents or watching a movie on your computer, make sure to enable the ‘power saver plan option’ to conserve as much energy as possible while running on a battery.

Also, don’t forget about ‘Sleep Mode’ where Windows lets you adjust the length of time before your computer goes to sleep and turns off all energy-draining components.

  1. Charge Your Battery to at Least 80%

When your laptop is plugged in, it is optimal to charge the battery to at least 80%. 

This is also an excellent choice if you are charging your laptop because it will stop charging at 80% of charge which helps with its overall efficiency and allows it to save up more energy for later use when not plugged in. 

This will ensure that you have enough power to use the laptop for a full day before it needs to be recharged. How to do it? 

Simply plug the laptop into an outlet with the supplied power adapter and allow it to fully charge up before using.

  1. Turn Off Unused Services

If you do not use a service or software that runs in the background, then the best is to turn it off and free up some resources for other programs. For example–

Go to Start–> Cortana Search –> Disable Cortana  (Cortana is only available with Windows 10 Pro and above)

Go to Start–> Task Manager –> System Services Tab and turn off unnecessary services.

If you run a number of programs at startup, then it will slow down your laptop as they start running in the background. 

To check these items, go to Start–> Task Manager –> Startup Tab

Here you can see all the programs that are being launched at startup.

Select many programs and click on Disable.

Conclusion Paragraph:

So that’s it! It doesn’t matter what type of laptop you own, whether it is a Windows PC or an Apple Mac. The best way to get the most performance out of your machine is to take care of it and maintain its health by following these simple tips. 

By following these steps, you can increase laptop performance on battery and get more use out of it when running from its power source.

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