How To Tell If Laptop Battery Or Charger Is Bad?

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Laptops often come with a warranty. But there are some problems that are persistent with laptops, for example – laptop batteries get trained more quickly after you use them for a couple of years. If your laptop is doing the same, it is time to spend a few bucks on fixing this issue.

However, the problem can either be in your laptop battery or the charger. if your battery is having some issues then it will be an elaborate process to get the battery changed. But the charger can be replaced easily (just buy a new one).

This post will guide you on how to tell if your laptop battery or the charger is bad and how to fix both of them.

How to Check if your laptop battery or charger is bad?

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Here is how you can check your laptop battery and charger if your laptop is malfunctioning (not charging properly).

Laptop Battery

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The battery of your laptop is what makes it portable and easy to use as you can carry it anywhere and continue with your work. There are three types of batteries available in the market these days.

1- Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) 2- Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) and Nickel

All these batteries have different features but Lithium-ion is the most commonly used battery type in laptops, if your laptop battery is made up of lithium io then follow the steps mentioned below to check your laptop battery. Make sure that you follow them properly to get the best results.

1- You will have to unplug your laptop from the power switch or ay power bank.

2- Ensure that your laptop battery is placed inside the laptop properly (you can open up the back to check for alignment).

3- Now turn on your laptop and see if the laptop turns on. and if it does wait for a few minutes to check the battery drainage. if the battery gets drained at a faster rate then your battery needs to get changed.

4- And if your laptop does not work after removing it from the power but it turns on as soon as you plug it in – it also means that your battery needs to get replaced (your charger is obviously good to go).

in case your laptop’s battery turns out to be faulty, you can get it replaced by the manufacturer of your laptop is still in a valid warranty. if not, then you can get a decent deal out of an online store like Amazon.

Just make sure that you buy the right battery (your laptop can get damaged if you install the wrong type of battery in it).

Laptop Charger

A laptop charger is as important as your laptop battery if not more. You get one as part of your laptop package. But most of the chargers have a limited life and you have to replace them with a new one after a year or so.

however, it is hard to tell if your laptop battery or your charger is malfunctioning. Here are some tips on how to check your laptop battery charger.

1- This one is as easy as it gets. Just connect your laptop charger to the power and check for the light to come on(it will be placed on the main charger).

2- If your laptop charger does not have a light indicator then just connect it to the laptop and check if it gets a charger. it is best if you wait for the laptop to get charged and then notice if the battery holds up.

If the light indicator turns on but the laptop does not get charged, the problem might be in the plug that goes inside your laptop. In both cases, you need to change your laptop battery charge as it is harmful to your laptop to use a faulty charger.

You can get your hands on a new laptop battery charger by contacting your manufacturer of just ordering it online (like we all do). However, make sure that you put in the right credentials (laptop name and specs) when ordering the charger. Because plugging the wrong one can harm your laptop.

How to repair laptop battert and charger?

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Before starting, FIXING your laptop charger or battery is WAY HARDER than buying a new one. So make sure you can pull this off before proceeding with the steps given below!

1- First, you’ll have to diagnose the problem – this is a hard task in itself. as your laptop charger and battery are complicated devices that can be broken from different areas. for example. your laptop charger can be broken from two ends, your battery pack or the cord.

2- if your charger is faulty from the wore or the adapter, you can change these two parts by fixing the voltage regulator IC. But, it is a hard task to do so. YOu can check out several youtube videos and then start with the repair.

3- moving on to the laptop battery, you can fix some of the issues like soldering circuits. However, it is a sensitive task to do. SO, always take help from a video or take the battery to someone who knows how to handle the nitty gritty of the batteries.

However, you can save a lot of time and effort by just buying a new battery or laptop battery charger, if your use is not getting resolved then do not waste more time on fixing these two items.

Just buy a new one a sit will also be easy on your pocket and mind.

Wrapping it up

Laptops come with a warranty but components like laptop batteries and laptop battery chargers have a shorter lifespan. However, it is confusing to tell which component is malfunctioning – you should check both before buying a new battery or charger.

You should prefer buying a new charger/battery than fixing them. As there will be more issues in the future which will cost you more money and them. So it is best that you get done with this task once and for all!

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