How to Refurbish an Old Laptop by Yourself? 5 Easy Steps.

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Refurbish Old Laptop

With the pandemic still raging across the globe, buying new gadgets is something that people cannot think of especially in low income countries where inflation is also at an all time high.

Simiallry, if you work at a computer shop and want to refurbish an od laptop that has some faults like scarthed paint and broken keys. This post will cover everything in detail – Read on to find out how you can refurbish old laptop.

We will talk about several aspects in this post – starting from the refurbishment of the laptop to making sure that your machine works as good as a new laptop.

Tools needed to refurbish old laptop

Refurbish Old Laptop

you will need a few tools to ensure that your laptop LOOKS like you have taken it out of the box just now.

1- Glass cleaner for the screen.

2- A Rag (clean).

3- Exacto Knife

4- Tools like screw drivers and a bowl to keep your screws safe.

5- Sandpaper

6- Boot Disk

Take Apart the laptop

Refurbish Old Laptop

the next step is to take apart the laptop properly. Before starting, make sure that you know how to open and close the screws. If you think that you cannot handle it, then it is best that you let someone else take the charge.

start by removing the screws, you will have to carefully take them out one by one. after you remove the screws, take off the keyboard area carefully.

NOTE: Do not excert more force than required as you can also damage the computer beyond repair.

Paint the laptop

Refurbish Old Laptop

After taking apart the laptop, you can paint the surfaces that are scratched and damaged in any way. Before beginning, cover the sensitive parts with painters tape so that they are kept safe.

NOTE: Do not paint the screen accidently. You can keep it safe by placing tape or anything else over it while painting. Similalrly, make sure that your kepbpard is also covered – you can use an exact knife to cut out the keyboard around the edges for better protection.

After covering all the sensitive surafces, now you can paint the laptop. you can use a spray paint can but it should be high quality so that the coats are even around the edges and centre of your laptop.

NOTE: Make sure that you do not apply more paint than needed as it will create an uneven look and a pool of paint can also damage the interior of your laptop causing irreversible damage.

After applying one coat, access if it needs more – then proceed with the second layer.

Put Everything Back

After the paint gets dry, you need to assemble your laptop again (AVENGERS ASSEMBLE). Make sure that you screw in all the parts properly and put back the hard drive and RAM in proper places.

Once everything is inside, use a pair of electronic tweezers (no not the face ones) to attach all the cables. You can watch a few youtube videos to make sure you don’t connect wrong wires.

Cleaning Time

Refurbish Old Laptop

After everything is placed back, you can clean off the laptop for any extra dust and gunk. Here are a few tips that may be helpful.

1- Use a window cleaner to clean the screen. But don’t spray directly on the screen. Instead use a microfibre cloth to rub off the surface. A few strokes will get the job done.

2- You can use cotton buds or tooth picks to clean the laptop keybprd. But there are cleaning brushes available on the internet that will do a better job at it. You can also use a hoover/vaccum cleaner to get all that gunk out of the keyboard (this is why people say don’t eat besides your computer).

3- Use the same microfibre cloth to clean the remaining parts of the laptop. You can use a tissue or a cotton bud to reach suracfes such as the insides of the power button.

Boot Disk

Refurbish Old Laptop

Now that we are done with the aesthehtocs of your laptop, lets talk about the inside (as they matter the most).

A boot disk will install a new system (operating system) in your laptop so that it can run at its maximum effiencecy. While “boot disk” sounds complicated – its just a hard drive with the setup of your new operating system.

You can buy them off of websites like Ubuntu or make your own.

Once you have the boot disk with you, here’s what you need to do afetrwards.

1- Plug in the boot disk to your computer while it is turned off.

2- Turn on the system.

3- Select “USB Drive” from the boot up menu from the start.

4- now you will have to select the operating system. For example Live version.

5- After installing the system – Restart the laptop.

Set it up

After covering all the steps, now its time to decorate your system with the applications that are necessary. For example, install a browser or download note taking and music streaming apps.

However, install an anti virus beforehand to make sure your computer does not fall prey to any viruses from the internet.

You can also add a passcode to your laptop to keep your data safe from any breaches. In addition, use a VPN to keep your laptop safe from any cyber hacks (this may sound extra but it is a necessary step in current times).

Aftre you are done with everythinng, add a protective layer to the screen and the laptop body to keep it safe from dust and scartces (we all know how dirty laptops tend to get over time).

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