How to Open (Take Apart) an HP Laptop?

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Taking apart a laptop is something a layman will never do, because of the fear of messing something up. But, it is not that hard – you just need to be present in the money and ware of your steps. So, if you are wondering How to Open (Take Apart) an HP Laptop – we have got your back!

taking apart laptop
Unrecognizable man disassembles laptop with a screwdriver in muted red and blue light closeup

Things to Take Care of Before Taking Apart Your Laptop

Before you take out your screwdriver, keep these things in mind so you can take apart your laptop successfully.

Always take apart a laptop on a flat surface, you don’t want things falling off your surface. Because every screw and part in there is instrumental to keep your laptop running. and if you will lose a part of it – you will mess things up on your laptop.

Keep the drinks away while you do the job, if you spill anything on your laptop (while it is open) you will ruin it.

Make sure that you are in a well-lit room, you don’t want to lose any screws or mess up something in there.

How to Take Apart A Laptop?

Now that we have the basic thing out of the way, let’s dig deep!

Turn the Power Off

this is a very important step, you will have to power off your laptop and NOT just put it into sleep mode. So that there is no current flowing around when you are navigating your way through the interior of your laptop.


after you turn the laptop off, place your laptop on a dry surface and make sure there are no edibles around so you cannot spill anything accidentally. because if you do then you will have to buy a new laptop or pay a thousand bucks to get it fixed!

Take the Battery Out

now, you’ll have to take the battery out, depending on the model of your HP laptop, you should be able to slide a button and your battery will pop out of the case. take it out and place it somewhere safe.

Unscrew the Back

unscrew laptop
Close-up of screwing bolts with a screwdriver on the silver laptop.

take a screwdriver that is appropriate for your laptop screws (that are usually very small) and start unscrewing them – make sure to keep the screws back.

Unscrew the Rear Panel

After the back, unscrew all the screws placed on the reader panel. make sure to be gentle with the screws so that you don’t put scratches on the surface.

Open the Top

After you are done with unscrewing, turn the laptop right side up and then open the top.

Take apart the Keyboard and Laptop Cover

Now you need to slide the keyboard switches so that the keyboard is released towards you. now lift the keyboard and flip it so that it is released towards you. and when the keyboard is resting above the mouse pad, you will press down the button that is placed next to the keyboard.

After this, slowly release the cable to remove the keyboard. after that, take a screwdriver and unscrew the antenna receiver (they will be located under the laptop screen).

Next, you will need to unplug the DVI cable.

After the removal of the DVI cable, the next step would be to unscrew all the screws that are holding together the laptop base so the cover of the laptop can be removed.

To Sum It All Up

Taking Apart a Laptop is not as intimidating as you think it is. Before you start, just read up a few posts and watch some youtube videos. And while you are unscrewing the laptop, make sure that you have a high above your head so that you can see everything clearly.

Do not mix up any wires, we would recommend you to take the picture of the back when it is open to remember where you need to place things when you assemble your laptop.

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