How to Find HP Laptop Battery Model Number? 4 Essential Ways!

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So, you’ve lost your battery for your HP laptop, or it has stopped working. Now you need to know how to find HP laptop battery model number? This way, you can order the correct replacement battery from a store, or online. 

But before you replace the battery, you have to find out what model number it is. Don’t worry! It’s not that difficult and won’t take long.

What is the Laptop Battery Model Number and Why Do I Need It?

The laptop battery model number is a four-digit number that is usually embossed on the top of the battery. 

The HP laptop battery model number can be found by looking at your old battery, or you could look in the manual that came with your laptop for this information. 

Some models have a sticker that contains all of the information about the laptop and its battery.

If you’re replacing your laptop battery, because it is old, has been used a lot, or no longer holds a charge as long as it did when it was new, then you’ll need to find the model number of your HP laptop battery to purchase a replacement one. 

Why? Because all batteries are different and, although they may look alike, the model number tells you if it will be compatible with your laptop or not.

For example, you can’t just take any old battery for another laptop and expect it to work in yours even though the batteries look similar. 

If you do this, there’s a chance that the new battery may not fit into your laptop, or the connection may not charge the battery correctly.

What Does a Laptop Battery Model Number Look Like?

The HP laptop battery model numbers will consist of four digits followed by either “B” or “C”. 

The first three digits are letters and show which month and year the battery was manufactured during the particular year made. 

For example, “C” means September, so if you see a laptop battery model number that says C12345, then it was manufactured during September.

The last digit is either a letter or number and shows which version of that specific battery type it is. 

If your HP laptop has a five-digit model number, then there will be four digits followed by a letter and one more digit at the end. 

Every time there’s an update to the laptop or its battery model, this fourth final digit changes to show what version it is for ease in identification purposes.

For example, let’s say you have an old HP laptop with a digital camera feature; maybe you haven’t used it recently because when you took out the memory card to view the photos, you saw that it was broken. 

There are several types of memory cards used with digital cameras, so first check your manual to see what type of camera your HP laptop has. 

If it’s a Hewlett Packard Photosmart C4580 and you see the number “C4600” on your battery model number, then this means that it is version 1 for this particular laptop (because there wasn’t a letter after the last digit).

If you purchase a new HP laptop battery model number C4843 and notice that there’s another four-digit number following the letter “B”, then this tells you that you have Version 2 of the battery. 

So if Version 1 or 2 isn’t compatible with your HP laptop, then you’ll need to purchase the next version number until you find one that works.


How to Find HP Laptop Battery Model Number?

First, turn the laptop upside down and shake out any loose scraps of paper with numbers on them that might be stuck to the bottom or under it. 

If you still can’t find your battery model number (or if your battery doesn’t have a model and looks like a black rectangular box), then this will help:

Step 1: Turn on your HP laptop and look in the control panel window for anything that says “system” or “battery”. 

Sometimes there may be an icon depicting a battery inside another icon shaped like a computer monitor. 

Look through all of the different HP laptop battery model numbers under the “battery” section to find yours. 

If you still can’t find it, skip ahead to step three.

Step 2: Turn your laptop off again and press the “F” or “Function” key. While pressing this key down, also hit the “Esc” key, then release them both at the same time. 

Watch for a pop-up window that says something like “System Configuration Utility.” 

Click on any of the listed choices in the menu that follows, then click on anything that says HP Battery Test (most likely at top) and watch for your battery model number on the right side of the screen. 

It should be very close to or an exact match with one of those listed if you have a battery model.

Step 3: If you don’t see a match or find your number, then do one of two things: either buy an HP laptop battery model number C4843 or put in the battery and press the “Caps Lock” key. 

Continue to press it until you hear a beep, then release it and watch for the “+” symbol to appear. 

Count all of the number of times the “+” symbol appears and if it stopped at “+32768”, then your number is 32768.

If the “+” symbol does not appear, continue to press the “Caps Lock” key until it does appear and then count up all of your number symbols. 

You should have a matching HP laptop battery model number by now.

If you still don’t understand how to find your laptop battery model number, this video might help:

More Ways about How to Find Your Laptop Battery Model Number

1) Look at your old battery: First, you need to determine if the battery is removable or built-in. If your HP laptop has a non-removable battery, then just skip this step and move on to number 2.

If your old HP laptop battery is removable, look at the top of it either on the back or just below where it attaches to the laptop for identification information. 

This is usually located in several different places so you’ll probably have to look everywhere possible until you find it. Once you find the model number, write it down so you don’t forget it.

2) Look in your laptop manual: Have an owner’s manual for your HP laptop? Well, there’s a really good chance that inside that owner’s is all of the information about your battery including the model number. 

If you can’t find your laptop manual, then see if you can download one from the manufacturer’s website.

3) Look on the underside of your HP laptop: To locate the model number for an HP laptop with a built-in battery, look at the underside of it for any identification labels or stickers that might be located there. 

You may have to turn your laptop over onto its face and shake it slightly to all of those little pieces of paper with numbers that come loose where they’ve been stuck by tape or glue.

4) Check online: Searching online is another way to find out what HP laptop battery model number you need to order. 

There are several places online to find information about batteries for various different types of laptops from HP, Dell, and other manufacturers. 

Sometimes, this is the easiest way to find out what your laptop battery model number is.

5) Ask a friend: If all else fails, ask a friend if they know what the model number of your battery is. 

This works well if you have a friend that also has an HP laptop or another brand that uses the same type of battery as yours does.


The HP laptop battery model number is easy to find if you know where and how to look for it. 

This number can help you determine which type of replacement you need and if it is compatible with your HP laptop.

So, that’s it! Now you know how to find HP laptop battery model number.

These numbers are usually located either inside the laptop or at the bottom underneath the laptop. Good luck!

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