How to Draw a Laptop Computer

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drawing of a laptop computer in color

A laptop is a portable personal computer that many people carry around and use for work. There are many different laptop models with many different designs. In this easy, step-by-step tutorial we are going to be learning how to draw a simple laptop computer.

Step 1

Draw a simple rectangle. This will be our laptop’s monitor on which the screen will be placed.

make a rectangle

Step 2

Draw a trapezoid, connecting it to the monitor of the screen – this will give it some perspective and be the base of our keyboard on which all the buttons will sit.

make a trapezoid connecting to the rectangle

Step 3

Draw a long slim rectangle underneath the trapezoid to give the keyboard some depth and make it look more 3d.

add another rectangle to the trapezoid to give the keyboard some depth

Step 4

Draw a rectangle inside the monitor. This is the screen of our laptop computer.

draw the screen of the laptop

Step 5

Draw a smaller trapezoid inside the base of the keyboard. This is our actual keyboard where all the buttons are connected.

draw the base of the keyboard where the buttons will sit

Step 6

Draw three horizontal (left to right) lines on the keyboard. Be sure to give the lines some perspective by increasing the space between each drawn line, this will make it look much more realistic.

draw horizontal lines for the keyboard's buttons

Step 7

Draw ten vertical (up to down) lines on top of the horizontal lines to make the buttons of the keyboard. Not all keys on the keyboard are of equal size so don’t draw a line over the spacebar and shift key.

draw vertical lines to complete the drawing of the keyboard

Step 8

Draw a small circle on top of the screen of the laptop computer. This is the camera of the laptop computer.

draw a webcam on top of the computer screen

Step 9

Finally, it’s time to fill in the drawing of your laptop with colors! A simple cartoon computer usually has a blue screen and grey parts but you can color it with your favorite colors however you like.

color in the laptop computer with grey and blue colors

Congratulations! You have learned how to draw a simple drawing of a laptop computer.

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