How Much Does A Laptop Weigh?

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Laptops are now an integral part of almost every known industry. From varying from Hospitals to schools, Offices to even casual homework, laptops play a very significant role in easing our lives. This comfort mainly comes from its small and compact structure and that’s what makes it an easy to carrying and portable device.

However, there is another factor that plays an important role in a laptop’s portability. And that aspect is none other than its weight. A laptop’s weight also defines its measure of portability and how easy and convenient it is to carry it from one place to another.

So, in order to let you get a deep and extensive knowledge about the weights of laptops, I have compiled certain categories that define the classification of laptops w.r.t. To their weights. 

What Is The Average Weight Of A Typical Laptop?

This question is not an easy go for answer. It depends on a number of factors such as its specs, its build, its battery size,  its individual components, etc. However, in order to simplify these terms, I have divided the laptops into five categories, according to their weights.

  1. Chromebook/ Ultrabook:

This category better defines the type of laptops itself, rather than being just a ‘category’. This Chromebook/Ultrabook is made up of two individual laptop species. The Chromebook itself is a proud introduction from Google. Google has its own operating system known as the Chrome OS, which runs in the ‘veins’ of the Chromebook. On the other hand, The Ultrabook is a product of Intel that, generically, supports the Windows Operating System.

However, as far as the weights are concerned, both of these laptops are designed specifically to be carried out whenever and wherever the person wants. Their weights usually lie around two to three pounds. These ones are known to be one of the lightest laptops in existence. They are particularly designed for convenience and extreme portability.

Talking a bit more about the ultrabook, I have attached a video down below that will let you know about the top 5 best UltraBooks of 2021.

  1. UltraPortable:

Did you just read up above that the Ultrabooks/Chromebooks are designed for extreme portability? If yes, then I take my words back because in this category really lies the ‘extremely’ portable laptops. This does not mean that the ultrabooks are less portable. This means that Ultraportable laptops have a better edge in weight and portability than them. 

These ones are considered very lightweight laptops. By ‘very lightweight’, I mean you can easily grab them up using your fingertips are taken them anywhere you want. Although they too start from two pounds, some of the models might get a little bit heavier and weigh something around 5 lbs. This feathery category consists of Apple MacBook Air, HP EliteBook, HP Spectre Folio, and lastly, Acer Swift 7.

Moreover, there are some exceptions, such as mini-laptops or laptops with smaller screens, that can be considered in this category as well. And If you are considering checking out more about 14 inches laptops, or to check out their alternatives, you can click here to read an entire article about it.

Apple MacBook
  1. Light and Thin:

This category really defines a regular laptop with an average size. Just as the technology mainly focuses on certain aspects i.e. Lightness and Thickness, this category features almost 80% of the laptops out there. 

The laptops that fall under this category usually weigh around three to six pounds. And this however consists of the screen size, the technology, the components, the hardware part, etc. So many factors are considered yet they are still managed to be thin and lightweight. 

The laptops for this category are the 13” Apple MacBook Pro, Most Dell Inspiron series, and most of the HP Pavilion series. Many other brands like Acer, Toshiba, Asus laptops manufacture their laptops for regular use in this category as well.

  1. Desktop Replacements:

As the name itself suggests, these laptops are meant to be used side by side with regular-sized desktops. They themselves are no less than a desktop except they carry a portability factor with them too. And only that makes them fall under a ‘laptop’ category. 

This specific reason makes them demanding as well. It is meant for people who want to take the work of a full-size desktop from a regular laptop. These people can either be gamers, programmers, work professionals, or photo/video editors. 

The weight of such laptops lies around four pounds. And that is all because of the massive components with great specs that rest inside the chassis. These are the laptops that support full sprinkles i.e. LED-backlit keyboard, huge air vents, etc. 

The easy examples you can find in this category are the Dell Alienware series, MSI gaming laptop series, etc.

  1. Luggables:

The last and the ‘most destructible category for the laptop in terms of weight are the Luggables. As massive as they sound, luggable laptops can weigh up to whopping 15 pounds. That is a good alternative to a whole briefcase full of money! 

These laptops don’t even deserve to be called laptops are these literally are mobile desktop PCs. and the most infamous example of a luggable laptop is the classic Compaq Portable II.

Compaq Luggable
A vintage 1980’s Compaq Portable computer, taken on May 22, 2009. (Photo by Mark Madeo/Future via Getty Images)

Why Do You Have To Consider The Weight?

Considering the weight of the laptop before buying is all that matters. This is because the weight of a particular laptop is a direct impact on its portability factor. 

You will get a better idea if you are a frequent traveler. Or if not, you are going to travel somewhere distant with your laptop. Such journeys will let you realize how important this factor is. 

But if you are not a traveler, and neither are you planning on a trip but are curious to know the role it plays, you can know that people will prefer to get along with a smaller and lighter laptop. They will choose this lighter alternative over an average build, no matter if it supports less functionality than the normal one. And this is all because of one reason. I.e. Portability!

Now when you will realize that the functionality factor can be compromised, you will now list down all the features that are essential for you if you are planning to take your laptop with you. In other words, you will jot down all the unnecessary functions that can be skipped in a laptop and it will still be able to get your job done.

So these factors are there which you can skip when buying a laptop. For example, for me, I think I don’t need the HDMI connectivity option in my laptop because the screen itself is pretty much enough for me. So when I’ll be buying myself a brand new laptop, I’ll unconventionally prefer a laptop with no HDMI cable. And the sole reason for this will be to save weight. Also then, you will realize how convenient will things get when you will compromise this factor. 

Which ‘Weight’ To Look For When Buying A Laptop?

So by far, we get to know how important the weight factor actually is when you are considering buying a new laptop. Therefore, when you are the shop, or you are shopping online, it is better to look for the laptop’s ‘Travel Weight’ instead of the ‘normal Weight’ and here’s why you have to do this:

Laptop for Traveling Purposes

Travel Weight vs Normal Weight:

When talking about the normal weight, we are talking literally about the actual weight of only the laptop body. It includes the whole body only. So if you are looking under the box for the ‘normal weight’ of your laptop, you might get disappointed when it won’t show up as the actual weight you need to ‘carry’ during traveling.

So in order to overcome this, try to search for ‘Travel Weight’ instead of the ‘normal Weight’ when you finalize your mind when buying a specific laptop. A typical travel weight defines the weight of the laptop itself along with its other essential components like adapter, charger, and external media devices. 

This is because when you are planning to travel with your laptop, you are not only carrying the laptop itself but also its charger, adapter, etc. So that is why you should always try to find the actual travel weight instead of the normal weight.

Which Components Increase A Laptop’s Weight?

There are certain hardware components that are responsible for the variation of weights in different models of the same laptop manufacturer. And these components can be as follows:

  1. Laptop’s Battery:

That is the first and the foremost component that causes an increment in weight. The larger the battery size, the heavier the laptop itself gets. So a powerful laptop requires more juice to power itself up. And to get all that energy, it needs a big battery as well. So this sums up ultimately by resulting in an overall heavier laptop.

  1. Laptop’s Cooling Mechanism:

Again, heavier and stronger laptops require thorough ventilation because of the power and heat they produce during their work. So in order to not let the heat damage the internal hardware components, these laptops are equipped with a large fan(s) to dissipate that heat. 

Furthermore, such laptops possess a larger chassis and bigger vents for better ventilation and airflow. And this ultimately compromises the weight of the laptop. And that’s why heavy-duty laptops are meant to be heavier than regular laptops.

  1. External Connectivity Options:

This factor consists of the number of ports a laptop has. So mathematically, a laptop with more external connectivity ports will weigh more than a laptop will lesser connectivity ports. These ports can consist of the ones like HDMI port, USB Typ-B, Type-C port, SD Card Reader port, etc. 

And by keeping this factor handy, Apply did a fantastic job by eliminating almost all the ports to make their MacBook super light and portable. A 12” MacBook only consists of a single Type-C port throughout the chassis.

Different Connectivity Ports Of A Laptop


So it all comes down to choosing the right laptop weight if you are the kind of person who fully utilizes their laptop’s portability. And having the right laptop with all your essential requirements, and still with less weight, should be your buying goal. Therefore, if you are looking to buy yourself a laptop with an appropriate weight, it’s better to do your proper homework first. 

If you are looking for a laptop for your office routine, it’s better to consult with your colleagues. If you are a college/ university student, it’s better to ask for your classmates’ opinions. And if you are someone who frequently travels around, it’s better to ask from a similar community. You can also access relatable people through various social media groups, Reddit groups, or even the Quora community. 

After all, it’s always the weight that matters about the laptop because it’s all about its portability.

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