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Unlike mobile phones and other gadgets, Laptops do tend to last longer. You can draw the parallels by looking at the market, you get a phone every year, but laptops come out after some time. Therefore, they are made to last you for a few years before you need an upgrade. 

An average laptop that costs around 500 dollars can last you for a good 2-4 years. And, if you own a high-end laptop like a Razor or a MacBook – the longevity of the device is prolonged by some years. 

But other factors also contribute to its lifespans such as usage, cost, and choice of upgrading your current device. As the industry is highly lucrative, new models pop up every now and then. Therefore, despite the devices being good enough, people levitate towards buying new ones. 

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What Factors Determine the Longevity of a Laptop?

There is a multitude of factors that affect the longevity of your laptop. Let’s take dissect these factors in detail.

The Price Tag 

The laptop consists of different parts that cost money (A lot of it). There are different versions and models of each processor, RAM, and graphic card, and it is always the expensive one that is better. 

Therefore, a laptop that has a better processor – for example, the latest M1 chip in the MacBook Pro. It will cost you way more than an average Laptop. However, the MacBook will last you for more than 5 years (and even more). 

It is reflective of every other thing that we buy – you can get a cheap pair of shoes that will last you for a month or get an expensive one that will last you for more than two years. Therefore, price is a tangible factor that will affect the longevity of your laptop.

500-700 dollars (e.g., HP Pavilion).2-4 years
700- 1000 dollars (e.g., HP Specter).4-5 years
1000 plus (MacBook, Razor).5-7 years

The Usage

The usage of your laptop is a huge bystander of the lifespan of your laptop. If you are a writer and use your laptop for that, AND you have a powerful laptop – your laptop will last longer than expected. However, if you use your laptop for hardcore tasks like gaming, editing, and designing – your laptop’s lifespan will decrease. 

However, if the laptop is powerful, handling hardcore tasks is like a walk in the park. So, the processing power and usage of your laptop go hand in hand.

Handling of the Device

Yes, you did not see this coming. But the way you use your laptop or take care of your laptop plays a huge role in how long your laptop will last. You can have the most expensive MacBook and handle it with negligence – it won’t last long. On the other hand, you can drag your average laptop for five years with care.

Every time you drop your laptop on the floor or drop something on it (even food). You take years off of your device. Therefore, be careful around your laptop and try to use it with care.

Charging Cycle

Even though, people do not pay attention to this. But the way you change your device also plays a part in the durability of your device. For example, you overcharge your device – it will fry the batteries. And, if you don’t charge it enough or charge it with a different charger. 

How Long Do Laptop Batteries Last?

The assumed or average lifespan of a laptop battery is 1000 charging cycles. Although it depends a lot on your charging habits. But the manufacturers claim that a battery can last for a total of 1000 charges, more or less.

The duration of a single charge is however subjective to the type and model of your laptop. An average laptop that costs around 500 dollars will last for a total of four hours on a full charge, but other high-end models can last for 7 hours on end. On the other hand, more high-end devices like an M1 chip MacBook Pro will last for 22 hours on a single charge.

So, the longevity of your laptop battery depends entirely on what type of laptop you are using. It can range from 3 hours to 22 hours if we compare the devices available on the market.

Life Span of a Gaming Laptop

The life span of a gaming laptop is longer than a normal laptop. But gamers have to upgrade their devices or certain parts of them sooner – to stay relevant. There are many developments in the gaming industry, as new games are introduced – they require more processing power which often requires an upgrade.

On the other hand, due to the heavy usage of gaming laptops, their life span is shortened by overheating and carless usage. Therefore, the life span of gaming laptops is subjective to their usage and relevancy. 

Factors That Affect the Battery Life of Your Laptop

The lifespan of your laptop battery depends a lot on how you use it, you can put a dent in your battery by practicing the following.

Overusing the Laptop

Although this term is subjective – if you have a habit of using your laptop for the whole day and then charging it multiple times on end. It can degrade the battery of your laptop because you will be charging it multiple times through the course of the day, and it will make you run out on the average of 1000 charges.


Blame the climate change but using your laptop in extremely hot conditions can overheat the battery. It drains faster and takes more time to charge. Another aspect of it is deliberate overheating. Do not block the fan of your laptop as it can overheat the battery while you use your device. 

All in all, the heat is not good for the battery. Ideally, do not let your laptop overheat by minimizing the use and putting it away to cool down for a while if you are on a break too.

Should You Replace Your Laptop Battery

Yes, if your laptop is suggesting that you need a battery replacement – go for it. However, make sure that you use one battery for at least 2 years before replacing it with another one. As it is not the ideal situation. 

Finally, if you are replacing the battery – make sure that you get it replaced by a professional to ensure a safe procedure. But bear in mind that it is an expensive procedure. Therefore, it is best that you take care of your current battery. 

How To Prolong Your Laptop’s Life?

Although buying a new device is fun, but there is no better feeling than using your current laptop for a couple of years to its full extent. Therefore, here are a few tips that will make your laptops last longer or long enough for you to upgrade to a new setup.

Keep a Check

Just like your other matter of life, sometimes you need to keep a check on your devices by monitoring their systems. If a program is making your laptop heat up or making things slow – you should get rid of it unless it is essential. Moreover, you need to focus on the RAM and try to minimize its load, so the processor is not grilled over time.

You can keep a check on your apps by Activity Monitor and task Manager for windows and Mac respectively. 

Check for Viruses

Yes, just like humans – sometimes laptops do get down by viruses. The system gets sluggish and over time, you will have trouble getting any work done. Therefore, to avoid this, installing anti-virus on your laptop should be your next move.

You can run a bi-monthly scan and check for any viruses. On top, of this, the anti-virus will scan each program and file to ensure that nothing is at fault.

Install an SSD

Older laptops that have a hard drive can easily be replaced with an SSD or solid-state drive. You will have to spend a few extra bucks, but it will give your old laptop a new life and it quicker.

You can install it on your own by watching a tutorial or take it to a professional and get it done in a matter of a few minutes.

Use Accessories

This might seem a bit over the top but when you are at home – you can use an external keyboard and mouse to give the attached keyboard and touchpad a break. The results will be minimal, but you can add a few days to your laptop’s life span or at least make it look better.

RAM Upgrade

You can try upgrading your laptop’s RAM to add a few more years to its lifespan. The upgrade will help improve the speed and overall responsiveness of your laptop while making it last longer than its average lifespan.

However, not every laptop has the option to do so. If you are one of those unlucky ones – try the methods listed above and make the best out of them. In the end, you have the option of upgrading your laptop – if your work is being compromised because of the performance of the laptop.

Signs That You Need a New Laptop

You can try all the methods listed above to prolong your laptop’s life – but after a certain time, this change will be inevitable. Therefore, if you notice these signs on your laptop, it is time to take the plunge and spend a few bucks!

Unable to Update

Applications come up with many updates, but not all devices are compatible with the new updates. If you are unable to update to the latest version of some apps that you use daily – like your browser or MS Word. 

Then it is better that you get a new version of your current laptop to save you from all the hassle. 

Your laptop is Noisy

Yes, those sounds out of your laptop fans are not a good sign. If you notice that your laptop is making a lot of noise even at minimal use. It is possible that your processor is getting old hence the new apps are giving it a run for their money.

After a few months, your laptop can start lagging due to the overheating of the processor. This can also lead to fast battery discharge. Therefore, this is not a rabbit hole you want to follow. It is best that you change your device before these issues start popping up.

Repair Costs

Usually, replacing a broken part of your device costs less money than buying a new one. However, some major issues like a broken screen or a burnt processor can sometimes cost more money because of shipping and replacement costs.

If you are in such a situation, then the wisest thing to do is to get a new device instead of fixing the current one. As it will require more money and time AND will not be good enough after the repair.

Your Work Is Suffering

We have all been in a place where we need to get things done but our devices just won’t cooperate. If you are in such a situation where your device is sluggish, and it is affecting your work. Then it is time for an upgrade. Making your work suffer will end up costing you money or your job. Spend some money before you lose your job or your next pitch with a client. 


The life span of a laptop ranges between 3-7 years. However, you can apply certain habits that will add to the longevity of your device. These tips may not induce a significant change but will add a few more days to the lifespan of your laptop.

However, if you notice serious issues with your device, it is better that you upgrade it on time before you splurge more on fixing the current issues with your device. As you will save more money like this and invest in a device that will serve you better and improve the quality of your work. 

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