Airpods Keep Cutting Out? Here’s How to Fix It

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Bluetooth earbuds have revolutionized the way we listen to music, and they have made it easier for tech manufacturers to create seamless designs. The market offers plenty of options for Bluetooth audio tools, but Apple’s Airpods are frequently cited as the best of the best. The main advantage of Bluetooth earbuds is the lack of cables, which is convenient because you won’t have to deal with frequent tangles or snags. However, this strength can also be a weakness in certain situations.

For one thing, Bluetooth audio transmission is inherently imperfect. Remember, the audio signal isn’t traveling over a physical wire anymore. Instead, it’s being turned into a remote audio signal that’s detected by a component in your Airpods. That makes them prone to cutting out, something that many Airpod users complain about. Frequent unexpected disconnections can dramatically reduce your enjoyment of whatever you’re listening to or watching. Still, there’s no need to worry because this is a problem with a relatively easy fix. There are six leading causes for your Airpods cutting out, and we will be talking in-depth about them and give you instant solutions for each one.

Why It’s Happening and How to Solve It

Low Battery

The most frequent cause for Airpods cutting out is low battery. Maintaining the Bluetooth signal is an energy-intensive process, so when your Airpods are out of juice, they might have trouble keeping the connection stable. It’s essential to keep your Airpods charged, though you might forget to do so if you’re wearing them all day. Airpods come with a handy charging case, and keeping them in the case overnight can ensure that they’re fully charged when you need them.

Bluetooth Issues

Bluetooth might seem like miraculous technology, but it has its limitations. The signal starts to cut out if you get too far from your device, so try to stay within range to ensure uninterrupted audio. Also, the problem might reside in your phone or laptop. Try resetting your device or your Airpods and reconnecting them. You can also put your device on Airplane Mode and reconnect your Airpods once said device starts detecting signals again. Also, make sure that your phone’s Bluetooth is on. Some battery saving settings might turn it off automatically.

Signal Interruptions

Airpods use Bluetooth signals to detect audio, but other electronic signals can often get in the way. WiFi signals are the most prominent examples of this. Go into a room without any electronic interference to check if they work there. If they do, that means that signal interruptions are making them cut out. Signal interruptions are usually temporary, and disconnecting and reconnecting your Airpods can have them working normally again.

Incorrect Settings

A common theme that you might notice with Bluetooth devices is that their strengths and flaws are often similar. Airpods can connect automatically to your device when you turn them on, but if you have two devices that connect to them by default, it might start to switch between them.

The audio would be cutting out because it’s starting to play from a different source, so turning Bluetooth off in the device you’re not using should solve the problem at least temporarily. You can also turn off automatic pairing so that you can select the device you want to play audio from. That’s particularly useful if you use multiple devices in this regard.

Slow Streaming

One of the most popular ways to listen to music or consume content is to stream it, but that brings its own set of problems. For example, if your internet connection is slow, your streaming will be consistently interrupted, which you might perceive as the Airpods cutting out. Some streaming services also occasionally face server issues, which can cause glitches in your stream.

The best way to ensure your Airpods never cut out is to only play audio that’s stored directly on your device. Staying close to your device becomes even more critical if you’re streaming because you need to maintain the strength of both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals.

Not Enough/Too Much Cleaning

Sometimes the problem might only be in one of your AirPods, in which case one or two problems might be the cause. Wax can build up in your Airpods if you don’t clean them every week, but be careful of overdoing it. Washing too often might result in water getting into your Airpods, damaging them considerably. Airpods are not entirely waterproof, so be sure only to clean them with a damp cloth and never submerge them in water. Frequent cleaning can also help your Airpods to last longer.

Hardware Malfunction

Apple has excellent quality control guidelines, but sometimes defective products can slip through the cracks. Hardware malfunctions are among the least likely causes for your Airpods cutting out. Still, if you have exhausted all other possibilities, you should consider going to a certified repair technician to get them checked out. That might result in a windfall for you because Apple will replace your defective products if the warranty is still valid.


Why Do My Airpods Keep Cutting Out?

WiFi can sometimes interrupt Bluetooth signals and make your Airpods disconnect. Alternatively, your phone might have a weak Bluetooth connection, or there you could be too far away for the signal to reach you. There’s also a chance that your Airpods are defective, in which case you should get them replaced.

How Do I Stop My Airpods Disconnecting?

Try putting your phone on Airplane Mode for a few seconds. This will reset it and allow it to establish a fresh Bluetooth connection. Also, make sure that your Airpods are fully charged. Insufficient charge might make the audio cut out.

How Often Should I Clean My Airpods?

It depends on how much you use them. Generally, you should clean your Airpods after 72 hours of continued use. That means if you wear them for 8 hours a day, you should clean them every 9 days or so.

Can I Wear My Airpods in the Shower?

Airpods are designed to be slightly water resistant, but that’s only meant to protect them from sweat. Putting them under running water will almost certainly damage them, so avoid wearing them in the shower.


Using Airpods is one of the most intuitive ways to listen to audio on your phone or laptop. You can keep them in while running, and they allow you to drive safely while talking on the phone too because there won’t be any cable snags interrupting your steering. Audio interruptions can ruin the immersive experience you’d ideally want from your listening experience, but there’s almost always an easy explanation for them. Bluetooth technology is still developing, so there are bound to be growing pains every so often. Understanding what causes these problems and learning how to fix them can allow you to more thoroughly enjoy your Airpods overall.

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