Do These to Turn a Laptop into Gaming Laptop

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Undoubtedly, a gaming laptop brings an exciting turn to your gaming venture and makes it highly efficient in supporting technical digital games. However, if you’re having a generic laptop and striving to turn it into a gaming one, then you might leave room for any mishap during the transforming procedure. For this purpose, you need to gather authentic information and implement it professionally. A gaming laptop is the most desired equipment that players want to add to their gaming set, especially for its portability and compactness. Some gamers purchase it directly from the market, while others opt for revamping their ordinary laptop into a gaming one for saving a few extra pennies. 

There’s a significant difference between a gaming laptop and a generic one in the sense that a gaming laptop provides upgraded and enhanced properties that are pivotal for digital gaming purposes. Not to mention, these are just similar devices as business or standard laptops, but their manufacturing and specifications make all the difference. A gaming laptop with better speed, vibrant graphics, extensive memory, and fast processing power is highly preferred by professional players. On the contrary, all of these specifications aren’t present in an ordinary laptop and thus, no gamer would choose it for an intense gaming regime. 

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Now, the main question arises of how can I turn my laptop into a gaming laptop? Well, even after the completion of the required configuration on your laptop, it won’t be converted into a gaming laptop completely. However, it’ll eventually improve the performance of your laptop, which ultimately provides a better gaming experience. Below, we’ve created a short guide on how to convert generic laptops into gaming ones effortlessly. Follow every step attentively to achieve the desired results. 

Step-1: Adjusting Battery Mode: 

Battery life for gaming laptops is a big concern as it requires utmost flexibility without being constantly plugged into a power source. When utilized for browsing the web and word processing, some gaming laptops can last up to 8 hours on a single charge. However, in the case of running GPU or CPU-intensive games, the battery discharges a lot faster. Hardware is such laptops are more versatile than generic laptops. Also, gaming laptops contain advanced features which contribute to better battery life. 

Primarily, switching the battery mode on your laptop to the highest might enhance your gaming experience optimistically. If you’re keeping your laptop on the battery-saving mode, it’ll lessen the speed of whichever digital game you’re playing. Moreover, it’ll shut down the other working applications on the device. Not to mention, digital gaming consumes energy, and your laptop must be containing a powerful battery backup. Without this initial step, you can’t transform it into a gaming laptop. Although it might not prominently influence your gaming performance it’s a more feasible way of running games on a generic laptop. 

Step: 2- Switching Drivers and Windows: 

Upgrading to the latest Windows version is the second step that precedes the transformation of your ordinary laptop into a gaming one. If you’ve installed Windows 8, you can switch it to Windows 10 with minimal effort. This change won’t only permit you to get the latest gaming series, but also the older ones easily. Undeniably, newer versions of Windows are more proficient with the latest additions and gaming features, and all it requires is to swap identities of Windows 8 with Windows 10. As long as you’re acquiring supportive hardware, you’ll obtain a top-notch performance on any digital game you wish to play.  So if you are planning to upgrade your laptop to the latest windows version, you can do so by clicking here.

Another beneficial aspect regarding Windows 10 is that it arrives with the latest Direct X version. Windows 10 is seamlessly associated with Direct X 12, unlike other operating systems, and also provides you with the opportunity of using it. Fortunately, it reveals the gaming sessions more to the Central Processing Unit and Graphics Unit Chips, which optimally increase the productiveness of digital games. However, if you are looking to get yourself the latest Direct X version for your laptop, you can download it by clicking here.

A sectional view of a laptop with its internal hardware.

Step: 3- Upgrading the Hardware:

RAM is one of the most pivotal components of every gaming laptop. Once you open up a digital game on your device, RAM begins to function as the games are loaded into it. Instead of the hard drive, RAM is directly used as it’s faster and specifically designed to store temporary data. Adding additional RAM is always advantageous, but if you own 4GB of RAM, then it might be the right time for updating it to 8GB or more. It is because 4GB RAM only allows gaming with older versions. However, for playing the latest series, you’ll need at least 8 to 16GB RAM. With such RAM, your device will be shifted reflexively to a gaming laptop.  

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Step: 4- Removing Unnecessary Programs: 

Ordinary laptops have a limited capacity for running heavy programs that usually rely on RAM and processors. Multiple running programs make it hard for processors to accommodate properly. On the contrary, gaming laptops have extensive storage and huge capacity for operating numerous programs simultaneously without causing any hassle. 

If you’re managing many applications at the same time, then your laptop might cause severe complications. These complications adversely impact your gaming regime and consume more processing capacity. To avoid such mishaps, remove unnecessary programs and apps for a smooth gaming routine. Even after the closure, a few programs still work and restart if you boost your system. Later on, you can confidently download gaming series according to your preferences, and even the ones with spacious requirements. 

Step: 5- Lessen Gaming settings: 

After all the modifications and upgrades with the laptop’s hardware and drivers, you can smoothly organize the game’s settings and it makes it run efficiently by optimizing the in-game setting according to your laptop’s specifications. In this way, you’ll turn your ordinary laptop into a compatible gaming device with a few facile setting steps. 

By lowering the in-game resolution, you can also deactivate specifications like Ambient Occlusion, Shadows, Anti-Aliasing, and above all, the FXXA. Additionally, lessening the audio and video settings enhances gaming quality. However, make sure not to turn everything off and your laptop will automatically change into a gaming one. 

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Step: 6- Align Improved Graphic Cards: 

Ordinary laptops have a combined graphic card (IGPU) built-in to the CPU which offers a similar purpose as a video card. It is perfect for handling regular graphics such as videos, images, and general word processing. Combined graphics cards are budget-friendly, generate less heat, and consume less energy than dedicated graphics cards. This improves the comprehensive battery life of generic laptops. 

On the contrary, gaming laptops need a zealous graphic card that processes detailed images and complicated textures within high-tech games like Far Cry 5 and Metro Exodus. With powerful graphic processing, VR (Virtual Reality) gaming and 4K gaming become possible as well. 

However, if you are into games that require less gaming hardware and offer an extensive amount of entertaining gameplay, we can recommend you to go for games such as Minecraft. Games like Minecraft require less juice and are easily playable on a variety of budget-friendly laptops. You can also read the best guide on the 7 best laptops to play Minecraft in 2022 by clicking here.

Step: 7- Change Speakers Settings:

For immersing yourself entirely into the game, great sound quality is just as significant as the graphics. Quality speakers professionally help you capture every kind of audio effect that makes your games full of amusement and excitement. Generic laptops usually come equipped with average-performing speakers that aren’t an ideal choice for intense gaming sessions. 

As for Windows 10, it allows you to adjust the volume of digital games on your PC. For instance, if you can open up the Edge and chrome simultaneously, you can either keep one of them in full volume and the other one utterly mute. However, if you feel like your gaming applications aren’t providing satisfactory sound levels, then there’s a possibility that the laptop’s volume settings are messed up. 

Gamers require louder speakers that could produce an extensive range of crisp base tones and frequencies. It means that you can expect larger and louder speakers that are proficient with the better sound quality for converting an ordinary laptop into a gaming one. 

A multi-colour gaming laptop with an RGB keyboard and screen with red ASWD keys and a gamer holding a multi-colour mouse in the background.
A multi-colour gaming laptop with an RGB keyboard and screen with red ASWD keys and a gamer holding a multi-colour mouse in the background.

Step: 8- Availability of RGB Lighting: 

Lastly, if you’re having some extra pennies in your pocket, opt for RGB keyboard lighting. In this way, you’ll be able to play in a darker mode as well. To make life easier, gaming laptops contain vibrant backlit light that isn’t usually found in ordinary laptops. They allow positioning of your fingers so you won’t be pressing the wrong keys unnecessarily. Although the RGB lighting keyboards aren’t power-intense, they still contribute to reduced battery life to some extent. Indeed, adding such backlights to the keyboard of your ordinary laptop will make it attractive to the eyes of the user. 


 Gaming laptops are chiselled to rival the performance of gaming desktops, there might always be a tradeoff between a few specifications which we’ve already discussed in the guide. Gamers can fulfil their desiring contents and options by following this guide. Not only this conversion process from an ordinary laptop to a gaming one is highly affordable, but it also provides you with the ability to connect with the latest computing additions and acknowledge them as it is a necessity of the modern world. However, we suggest you implement this procedure under expert supervision so that you wouldn’t harm your laptop in any way. 

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