Dell Laptop Screen Flickering? Here’s How to Fix

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Laptop screen showing an error in the display most commonly known as 'Flickering'.


Undeniably, Dell occupies the stage with the top-notch laptop brands globally. It is a multi-functional computer-based company that mainly develops, sells, repairs, and supports computing devices. The Dell brand got its name from its founder, Michael Dell. With all the high-tech range of laptops, customer support services, and spectacular mechanisms, the brand is worth considering regardless of one’s requirements.

While Dell is one of the few companies that deliver reliable and sturdy devices, display issues are generic in electronic devices. Oftentimes, you might notice the flickering laptop screen in case of a corrupted or broken video file. A similar mishap happens when you open up an image with a higher resolution and the present OS system can’t support it. An inadequate update can trigger several screen-related problems after the completion of the procedure.

For all the users who opted for the OS upgrade in their Dell laptops, and modify the Windows 8 to better versions, the screen often turns to black and white along with distortion issues. If that’s what happens to your Dell laptop as well while installing a new update, it could be an influential aspect causing the screen to flicker.  Fortunately, there are a few standard processes that have worked out for many digital users dealing with various blinking issues. Below, we’ve created the possible solutions and fixes that you can implement for tackling display and troubleshooting errors within a Dell laptop.

Fix-1: Updating Problematic Applications:

Previously, Dell users have mentioned that applications like Norton Anti-virus and iCloud have caused flickering issues on their laptop screens. Experts have suggested similar errors, and manufacturers are also working on the release update for tackling the mishaps. Primarily, updating the applications is the easiest way of reducing screen flickering errors in Dell devices. However, if the flashing issuers still prevails, then we would advise you to uninstall these programs and contact the brand’s managers accordingly. If you’re not having sufficient technical knowledge, try removing the applications from your system.

Fix-2: Reboot your Laptop:

After updating the problematic applications, if the error remains the same, there’re might be other mechanical issues within your device. You can opt for the Dell brand’s official website for acknowledging the drivers that suit your laptop. Download the drivers if needed.

If you’ve experienced screen glitches in your Dell laptop for the first time, you can rule out the possibility of minor flickering causing the screen to blink, or showing distorted images by restarting. If you’ve installed the OS system, you can choose the standard restart procedure via the “Start menu” and then press Restart. On the contrary, if you’re unable to see the display items, you can reboot your laptop by making a long press on the “Power button” until the laptop shuts down. Detach the power adaptor from the energy source for 30 seconds and then plug it back inside. Press the “Power button” until your laptop restarts. This procedure is also known as a forced reboot or power cycle. It provides your laptop a break while eliminating random glitches and corrupted files. 

Three different symbols that are representing three different brightness levels.
Bright vector icon. Contrast icon. Screen contrast level

Fix-3: Adjusting the Screen brightness:

Dell laptops with a higher resolution display are optimized for specific resolutions. It is why when we utilize different display resolutions with optimal settings, visual distortions appear on the screen. Setting the laptop screen to a lower resolution also results in stretched and blur images. With that said, keep the screen resolution to a useable limit.  As mentioned earlier, screen settings vary from device to device, so make sure to determine the LCD screen type of your Dell laptop before making amendments. Beneficially, this implementation is highly productive and is also available on the Dell support website.

Secondly, adjusting the screen brightness would certainly help. For this purpose, press the FN key and repeatedly click the Arrow Up key to enhance the brightness level on your laptop. For decreasing the level, press the FN key and click on the Arrow Down key. After this process, see if your Dell laptop is still showing the screen flickering issues or not.

Fix-4: Disabling Windows Desktop Manager:

Oftentimes, an error in the Windows Desktop Manager Service causes your Dell laptop to flicker. To resolve this issue, you’ve to resist and disable the service. In this regard, Go to the Windows search box and choose the “services” option. Now, right-click on it and press Stop. After that, go to the General tab and make the Startup disable. Lastly, click “Ok” and press enter on your keyboard. When you’re done, observe and notify whether this solution has worked out for your Dell laptop or not.

An 'Anti Virus' key button in the place of the 'Enter' key button where a user is intending to press it in order to turn it on/off.

Fix-5: Disabling Anti-virus Software:

It’s common to neglect Windows software updates, especially when you know that it’s a time-consuming process. Users who prefer putting their Dell laptops to sleep rather than shutting it down are more exposed to the susceptible effects of outdated drivers. 

Generic users usually don’t concentrate on hidden computing aspects including the excess Anti-virus software installation within the device. It is the prime suspect of screen flickering in your Dell laptop. They keep working in the back and constantly consume your system’s energy. However, some of them are high-tech and lead to several screen-related problems on your laptop such as screen flickering and blinking issues. To resolve this, we would suggest disabling the current antivirus software transiently. After disabling, check if the issue has been resolved or not.

Fix-6: Configuring screen settings:

Multifunctional display settings can lead to several resolutions and screen flickering problems. Unfortunately, both visual and internal components of the device suffer the consequences of obsolete drivers including, patches, updates, and bug fixes.

Another great fix for Dell flickering and blinking issues is to configure the screen settings of your Windows. Go to the “Desktop screen” and right-click on it, and then choose the Display settings from the context. Scroll down and press the advanced display settings option. Now, select display adapter settings. Configure the screen refreshing icon by choosing a higher rate. Finish the task by pressing “Ok”.

Fix-7: Connecting your Dell Laptop to an external monitor:

To determine whether there’s a technical problem within your laptop’s screen, you can try connecting it to an external monitor and observe if the flickering issues still prevail on the other monitor. Dell laptops contain a built-in graphic card adapter into the motherboard. This port is used to link your laptop to a separate device. For making it work, ensure and verify that you’ve used an accurate cable for the port on your laptop. Once you connect an external monitor, press dual keys on the laptop.

Surprisingly, if blinking doesn’t occur on the external monitor, then it might be an error within your laptop’s monitor. In case you couldn’t solve it on your own, you’ll have to contact Dell support service for this purpose. Additionally, involve your observations and when the error appeared first. Based on your personal preferences, they’ll find you a quick solution for fixing the issue immediately..

However, if you do not have a spare monitor that you can dedicate to your laptop, you can always buy one for your laptop. We’ll redirect you to the latest Amazon listing where you can find the best monitors for your laptop from the most trusted sellers. You can access the listing by clicking here.

Frequent Asked Questions about Dell Laptops: 

After a detailed evaluation of screen flickering, your queries might already be cleared. However, a few additional FAQs regarding the issue are as follows.

  1. Why does my Dell laptop screen flicker?

There are multiple reasons for screen flickering in Dell laptops including the presence of an unnecessary application, lowered performance settings, un-optimized screen resolution, lower screen refreshing rate, and so on. In this guide, we’ve listed the solutions for tackling display issues within the laptop.

  • Can lose cable be a reason for display blinking?

Laptop screens are linked up with the hardware on mere hinges only. Rough opening and shutting off the laptop screen can cause damage to the internal wiring. With such carelessness, the wiring often gets lost over time. To prevent any mishap, laptops must be handled with care. For checking if your laptop screen is still flickering or not, you’ll need to partially open and close the device.

  • How can we stop screen flickering on Windows 10?

For troubleshooting your Windows 10 screen flickering error, you will be required to acknowledge the root cause of the problem. Some of the most common reasons include antivirus programs and incorrect settings that aren’t compatible with your Dell laptop. In Windows 10, the problem usually arises due to a heavy application or a display driver.


Woefully, laptop issues are a headache, and a blinking display can cause one. It can destroy your system’s productivity and turn a home-based cinema effect into a path of inconvenience. The constant flickering only distracts and frustrates the user. For this purpose, you’ll need an instant solution to prevent hassles in the long haul. Screen-related errors entirely overshadow the specifications of your Dell device. Hence, it’s mandatory to resolve it as soon as possible to resume the activities of your laptop. However, you can’t presume to fix it up with a single solution as there’re multiple reasons for the cause.  Not to worry, the above-evaluated guide will prove to be a functional choir with seven helpful fixes.

However, if you’re hearing some beeping sounds from the inside of your laptop, you can go through our extensive article where we have discussed this common beeping issue with its resolution. You can access the article by clicking here.

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