Cost of Replacing Laptop Keyboards: All You Need To Know

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Without a single doubt, there’s no worth of any laptop without a keyboard. It is a significant aspect that primarily runs the entire system. In the era of a pandemic, the ones who prefer working from home are constantly pounding away on their laptop keyboard. After being used for extreme hours, the possibility of broken keys increases. The fallen water can resist the movement of the laptop’s keys or can cause its circuit to malfunction. Also, there can be an occurrence of a liquid spill on the laptop keys, which often dries resulting in the need of getting it replaced instantly.

Oftentimes, we don’t wash our hands before getting them on our laptops. If the keys are white, there’s a possibility of determining the amount of dust accumulated on them, but in the case of black, we don’t have any clue. Remember to clean the area beneath the keys if it doesn’t work. Fortunately, regular maintenance can save you from expensive keyboard repair.

However, if all the water and dust damage has shown its proficiency and your laptop keyboard has stopped working, then it might be an indication that you’ve to change it all. As mentioned above, your laptop keyboard is the most crucial element of hardware and must be treated with utmost care. There’re millions of individuals who rely on laptops for their earnings and need an instant solution in case of any damage to their device.

If you’re someone who’s worried about the torn-out laptop keyboard, then this guide is precisely made for you. Below, we’ve got an evaluative guide on several kinds of laptop keyboards and how to replace them in need.  

Types of Keyboards:

With the rise of modern technology, a laptop has become an essential aspect of everyone’s life. Surprisingly, most of us are unaware of the keyboard types, specifications, and prices. Let’s figure it out together.

  1. Standard Keyboard:

A Standard keyboard is the most common type of laptop keyboard, similar to the 109-KEY PC layout keyboard. Due to affordability concerns, it’s been widely used globally. The standard keyboard is mainly available in western states including, the United States, Canada Australia, and so on. Users opt for this keyboard because it’s more durable, and requires less occasional maintenance compared to others. As for the cost, this keyboard begins from $15, and the latest models cost around $30.

A typical backlit keboard
  • Backlit/Illuminated Keyboard:

In this type, the word “Illuminated” refers to lightening up. This keyboard is the latest addition to the computing world. It provides an easier and convenient way to search access and type any text even in a darker space. One of the varieties of this keyboard version is backlighting. Similar to the previous models, it’s also mounted with hooks. The difference lies in the lighting ability of the keys. This RGB model contains additional tape, which we plug into the socket separately. Another name for this keyboard model is Backlit Keyboard. Generally, the prices range from $20 and fluctuate around $60.

However, if you are looking forward to buy yourself a laptop with a backlit keyboard. We’ll highly recommend you to go through our extensive guide where we have discussed 6 best laptops that have backlit keyboards in them. You can read that informative article by clicking here.

  • Palm rest Keyboard:

On many latest models of laptops, keyboards are connected inseparably to the entire front of the device. In such situations, it’s wise to replace the entire palm rest. This keyboard is a special invention that aims to reduce wrist pain. A flat surface for the keyboard supports the user during extensive working hours as it can cause severe discomfort to the arms and fingers. Also, it provides a convenient area for the hands to rest so that the users don’t have to keep their hands up when writing in the long haul. Palmrest keyboards usually cost around $40.

Cost-Related factors for a Laptop keyboard repairing:

The amount it costs to replace a laptop keyboard is dependent on a number of factors. Firstly, you’ll have to search for the laptop model that you’re currently using. Secondly, you’ve to determine the brand that fits your device the best. As discussed previously, we’re having three main kinds of laptop keyboards namely, illuminated, standard, and palm rest. Later, whether you purchase the keyboard from an online store or a local market, it’s your call.

Remember that all of these factors keep on modifying in case of prices and efficiency. With that said, without proper research, mentioning a fixed price would be deceiving. However, you’ll observe a slight difference in prices after a quick search. After getting the accurate keyboard model, you’ll have to decide if you can do it yourself or you want to call in a professional to fix it up. Let’s evaluate both of the ways.

  1. Cost of Replacing Laptop Keyboard with a professional:

If you’re willing to call in an IT professional for replacing the laptop keyboard, you’ll have to pay a valuable amount for the service charges. These charges vary from state to state. In some countries, hourly service charges vary from $40 to $50 per hour, and it goes from $90 to $100 per hour in other states. According to a recent report, an average laptop keyboard replacement costs around $70 to $300.

  • DIY Keyboard Replacement:

Most of the users are scared of doing the replacement task, but it’s less complicated than we think. With a hook-mounted keypad, you can alter it yourself effortlessly. Not to mention, electronic modifications appear to be difficult at first, but DIY remedy saves you valuable time and pennies and you can get back to work instantly. Either you can opt for YouTube, where there are a lot of videos present on the topic “how to replace a laptop keyboard yourself”, or you can ask an expert for assistance. As for the cost of the DIY method, the average cost for installing a new keyboard is approximately $40 to $80. Isn’t it economical right? With the saved pennies, enjoy your day off by giving yourself a treat.

FAQs Regarding Replacing a Laptop Keyboard:

  1. How to choose the right keyboard for replacement?

An ideal way of making a selection of the keyboard is by disassembling the original one. It will help us determine the mounting tape and layout of the hooks. Once the disassembling is done, we’ll search the model of the laptop in the search engine. If you’re unaware of this strategy, just turn around the device and you’ll find the marketing on the nameplate beneath it. After acknowledging the laptop model, you’ll find an appropriate keyboard type. We aim to make sure that it’ll fit in our laptop well. 

A man having a laptop's keyboard in his hand.
  • How much does keyboard replacement cost?

According to statics in 2021, the average cost of replacing a generic laptop keyboard goes around $70 to $200. However, if you are unable to get access to apple’s authorized service centre, then the approximate cost of replacing a Mac Book keyboard is around $500 to $1400. A professional would charge $120 to $160 for the replacement process. Surprisingly, if you plan to do it yourself, your total cost will be cut in half and the estimated cost goes from $40 to $80.

  • Is my laptop’s keyboard really faulty? Does it calls for a replacement or the issue is something else?

Sometimes there are things that make the situation look like that the keyboard is faulty and needs to be replaced. However, the trick to fix it lies within. There’s a feature where you can ‘lock’ out the keyboard to prevent its usage. Many laptops, mostly from the Toshiba brand consists of this feature. Now the process of locking and unlocking requires your dedicated focus and that’s why we have complied an extensive article where we have mentioned the method of ‘How to Unlock Toshiba laptop keyboard’. It is a long, step by step guide. So if you or your friend is a Toshiba laptop owner and is facing the same issue, you can go through this informative article by clicking here.

  • Is the DIY method for replacing laptop keyboards more feasible?

Tools for a new keyboard can be easily purchased both digitally and locally for approximately $40 to $50. However, remember that while attempting a DIY replacement, you run the risk of damaging your laptop even more. As the replacement of a laptop keyboard is a highly technical affair, it would be wise to hire a professional for this purpose. The repairing process itself consumes around two to three hours before the diagnostics acquire another hour and a half. Now, it’s easier for you to determine whether DIY is feasible or not.

  • How can we determine the right time for replacing the laptop keyboard?

As long as the keyboard keys and other essential pieces are intact and undamaged, you can easily salvage the parts and incorporate them into your device. Read the provided guide from part 1 to disassemble the broken unit, separate the parts and insert them back into the laptop. However, in case of mistakenly spilling a drink over it, so you must instantly contact the Laptop Company and request a keyboard replacement.

  • Do we really have to replace the keyboard or whole laptop?
  • There are some scenarios where the keyboards get out of action quite frequently. There are numerous reasons for this situation but the most common ones are its extensive use. You know what type of people have such extensive uses that end up their laptop’s keyboard getting out of order? The Writers! You may find it shocking or interesting that the laptops that are most used by writers and tend to have broken keyboards every now and then.

    So to overcome this problem. Either they buy themselves a seperate keyboard and attach it to their laptop with its USB cable, or they go for laptops that are specifically designed to handle their workload. As a typical writers uses almost all of the laptop’s keys in a very frequent manner, it is best for them to for the laptops that adhere good keyboard endurance. Now its hard to do a specific research on such kind of laptops so we have created a detailed article on best laptops for writers. So if you are a writer or you know some writer who needs to get their hands on this information, you can read that article by clicking here.

  • End All This Struggle By Getting Yourself A Pair Of Wireless Keyboard and Mouse:
  • But if you are a person (or a writer) who don’t want to go through the hustle of getting a specific ‘writer’s laptop’, you can also get yourself a thin, lightweight, compact and a beautiful set of keyboard and mouse. These particular peripherels are specifially designed for laptops. These are wireless so that you don’t have to go through the hustle of sorting out the mixed up wires. Also, their size and weight enables you to carry them anywhere you want. If you are interested to get yourself a pair of wireless keyboard and mouse for your laptop, you can save your time and click on this link to purchase one. We know time is precious that’s why we’ve already compiled a list of keyboard and mouse set for your laptops from the best sellers of Amazon.


    Undoubtedly, Laptops are an expensive aspect of the electronic world, and thus a laptop keyboard is more exposed to any kind of damage.  All it takes is a moment of negligence and the tea mug standing next to it spills with the liquor on the laptop. Nothing efficient can be done in an immediate rescue operation as half of the keyboard stops working. In case the damage has prevailed onto a few keys, you’re still required to take account of the entire keyboard. It is because most manufacturers provide annual warranties instead of individual keys.

    Presently, if you’re planning to purchase a laptop, you might be considering the ones with impressive designs and responsive features. However, you must be aware of a few specifications and occasional maintenance of such devices. For this purpose, this guide might be helpful. With a functional keyboard, you can use your laptop self-assuredly. You’ll be able to use it for extended hours and write detailed emails, documents.

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