Ants inside the laptop? Here’s How to take them out!

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A Cartoon Ant Behind a Laptop


Have you ever switched your laptop on filled with ants and wonder how they remove them entirely from your expensive device? Since the Covid-19 outbreak, the importance of laptops has escalated to the next level, especially because the working persons are opting for them for their work-from-home routine. Unfortunately, if ants make a room for a home in laptops, it can cause severe complications for the users. Not only they can damage the laptop’s components but also bite our fingers in case of staying unaware of their presence. For this purpose, their removal is mandatory.

On several occasions, physicists have mentioned the addiction of ants to electronic devices. They assumed that ants are attracted to the magnetic field and the heat generated by them. Amusingly, as ants don’t acquire massive colonies so they often prefer staying inside a laptop and building a space for themselves. Secondly, they imply that ants hate water and of course, no one would attempt to wash their laptop with water, so they found refuge inside such impervious areas.

The main ambition of ants is to relocate themselves to a safer place. However, their removal from laptops is equally important. Below, we’ve created a detailed evaluation of how to get rid of ants from your laptops just in a few efficient ways.

  1. Vacuuming:

It’s quite generic to work on the laptop while munching on snacks and getting your keyboard struck with food particles. These little particles attract ants to your device. For this purpose, vacuuming can do wonders. Also, it is the cleanest way to get rid of ants that reside in the laptop. However, with mere feasibility, there’s a difficulty as well.  You can’t separate the components of your device as it might be a riskier element for the RAM, CPU, or GPU. It’ll be easier to vacuum those that are emerging out of the laptop. Lastly, never keep the vacuum cleaner at its highest because every aspect of electronic devices is sensitive and no one would want to cause any damage to it.

So if you are looking for a mini vacuum to clean up your laptop from these harmful ants, you can click here and browse through the extensive listings of mini vacuums from the most reliable sellers.

  • Applying Water Moat Method:

Applying a water moat is an effective way of discarding insects and ants from the laptop, but it doesn’t allow you to pull your laptop in a tub of water. For this purpose, it’s best to utilize a container that is sufficient enough to fit your laptop but also it’s secured so the chances of your device getting drowned are none. Once you’ve filled the container with water, and placed your device inside it, add a ruler which acts as a bridge so the ants can evacuate. After leaving your premises, ants might feel threatened, and it’ll cause their entire army to move out of your laptop.

Not to mention, this method is a bit riskier. Water and electronic devices are two parallel forces that should never be merged in any situation. However, it can also work out for eliminating ants. If you lack somewhere during the process, it can cause severe damage to your laptop.

  •  Sealing It With A Plastic Bag:

Scientifically, resisting oxygen sources for human beings makes all of them die out of breath shortness. It works for every living creature similarly including, ants.  

Sealing your laptop in a plastic bag is one of the frequent ways of removing the ant infestation in your laptop.  In this regard, place your laptop in a bag and seal it to prevent the oxygen from getting inside. It’ll resist the production process as well. On the contrary, possibilities say that ants might die inside your device due to a lack of oxygen. While it might appear to be a desirable situation, the presence of eggs inside your device could hatch at any point. Not to mention, it could be a more dangerous situation. For a more productive outcome, you’ll be required to open up your laptop entirely and thoroughly clean it for preventing the formation of a new ant colony.

  • Shake It Up:

The main symptom of an ant infestation is the lowered performance of the device including sudden restarts and overheating issues.

Surprisingly, the easiest way of resisting ants from dwelling inside your device is to give a thorough shake to your laptop. In this way, the ants will be scared and reflexively emerge out of your laptop to save their lives. Hopefully, this remedy will remove them to some extent, but you can never be sure if all of them have left the interior. For additional cleaning, you’ll have to implement other cleaning agendas including, bug-killing spray. Make sure to apply this technique somewhere outdoor where you’ll be able to shake them off permanently.

  • Bribing With Sweets:

Factually, ants like sugary products so putting a bowl filled with peanut butter or something sweet would be a wise move. You’ll notice their instant appearance due to the smell of the sweet. All you need is to keep the sugary item near the laptop and wait for one to two hours. Keep monitoring them and you’ll succeed in removing them. The majority of them will appear externally, and then you can discard the bowl along with the ants.  Some of them might avail the opportunity of fleeing the moment you touch the bowl of sweet, but you can still resist them from entering your laptop again.

Furthermore, Insecticides work similarly. The dead army of ants might still be present in your laptop, opening it entirely and cleaning it will efficiently eliminate the ant colony including, the eggs or larvae.

Ants making nest on Board
  • Relocate The Laptop:

If you’re used to working in a specific area, but it’s filled with the presence of an army of ants, then it might be wise to shift your laptop to another place. In such a situation, they won’t be able to locate your device and ultimately you’ll get rid of them. However, make sure to implement this relocation process after thoroughly cleaning your device. The reason is clear, every ant tends to release certain hormones that allow communicating with other ants in their circle. For instance, if you change your working place without the cleaning procedure, the ants residing inside your laptop will connect with the outside ones and notify them of the present location of the device.

Relocating the location of your laptop constantly is more appropriate. Let’s assume, you’ve positioned it on a dining table and shifted it to another room after a few days. However, before changing the area, make sure that there’s no ant infestation in that area.

  • Overheat It:

Overheating is indeed an unbearable condition for most living creatures. Running high-tech software on your laptop will cause it to end up being heated. The extra heat might result in driving the residing ants outside of your laptop. Experts suggest placing your laptop in sunlight, so the process will be faster. However, the rays of direct sunlight can harm your laptop so you’ll have to be very attentive while doing so.

Secondly, another feasible way of heating your laptop is by placing a thick towel over it so that it’ll prevent the venting process. This will also raise the comprehensive temperature of the device while making it utterly comfortable for the ants to reside. Similar to the water moat method, it’s not an ideal situation to overheat your laptop for a prolonged period. Remember that your only motive is to remove the ants, not to damage your device intentionally during the process.

  • Occasional Servicing:

As mentioned previously, opening your laptop and separating every component for the cleaning procedure would be a wise move. In case you couldn’t do it yourself, taking your laptop to a professional for servicing would be appropriate. A professional would clean the ants in-depth and also look out for other issues. Unfortunately, they might charge a wholesome amount, so opt for them if only you could afford them. Presently, there’re a lot of DIY guides available online, so it’s been so much easier to learn without asking anyone for help.


Generally, ants end up conquering a laptop if there’re any food particles fallen over it while you’re busy munching during work or a movie session. Also, it could occur due to a few splashes of soft drinks that dried up and invited the ant’s army later. Therefore, we always suggest keeping the dietary products away from the laptop.

If you’ve done munching, make sure to clean off any food particles that have been fallen on the laptop, especially the sugary items. Try to keep the space around your laptop clean to the maximum, and implement regular maintenance annually. Indeed, it would be a valuable tool in combating ant infestation. Such little prevention will help you get rid of ants all over again.  Fortunately, the above-evaluated ideas have proven to be efficient for most users. In case the problem still exists, and you can’t do it on your own, then consent to a professional for this purpose.

Still, If you are figuring out a way to clean a laptop, despite worrying about the ants’ attack, you can read our extensive article on “10 Tips to Clean Laptop Touchpad Without Scratching It” by clicking here.

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