5 Best 17 Inch Laptop under $500 with SSD Drive 2022

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5 Best 17 Inch Laptop under $500 with SSD Drive 2022

Are you looking for a laptop that is easily portable but still has a big enough screen for you to work on easily? Well, this is understandable, since a lot of laptops being produced these days are getting smaller and smaller. People face difficulties in using these laptops because the screens are small and it just isn’t the same as working on a big screen. So not only do laptops have to be portable, but they also need to have a good screen size.

Usually what most companies do is in hopes of making a laptop with a widescreen, like 17 inches, the laptop ends up being extremely heavy. So the size is big, the laptop is heavy and the price is also really high. But really it depends on what your preference is, some people need a larger screen so that they can multitask and whatnot. Or for instance, if you are a gamer, you would require a larger screen to see in the virtual world.

Similarly, a gamer would focus more on the performance of the laptop rather than its design. Gamers need a really good speed so they can play well, and that would be their priority rather than buying a laptop that is portable and has a small screen. There are also users who still prefer laptops that resemble desktop computers. So what laptop can be a good size yet still have many features which most people would be looking for?

To start off with, a 17-inch laptop is an ideal size since you would be saving space and getting a lot of benefits. This site will allow you to use the laptop and still feel like you are working with a desktop computer. The laptop would not take up a lot of space, whether it’s on the desk or placed somewhere else. The screen would also be wide and this way whether you are a photographer or something else you would have plenty of display space. This way you will not need to squint your eyes to look more carefully either. A 17-inch laptop would provide you with a great level of performance as well as plenty of interactivity.

There are a lot of options when it comes to 17-inch laptops, but to provide you with the most suitable and beneficial options we have specified those under $500 and with an SSD drive. Because without an SSD drive, you will not have room for storage. So let’s explore the options that you can get which are not only affordable but also the best for 2022.

5 Best 17 Inch Laptop under $500 with SSD Drive 2022

1.     Lenovo IdeaPad 320 17-Inch Laptop

The Lenovo IdeaPad is one of the top trending laptops. It is designed in a way that any customer can use it for multiple different tasks. You can use it for your everyday work and this laptop would only make it easier for you to complete your tasks. If you work then get your hands on this Lenovo 320, because the laptop is great for completing tasks in a quick and efficient manner. This is due to the really powerful inbuilt processing as well as the graphics that have been developed. The Intel HD graphics are the way to go if you want a clear and consistent display. The laptop also comes with a Windows 10 Home, and you can also get access to Cortana. Cortana is great for seeking personal help, if you are struggling to access apps or even have questions then this will be the best source of assistance.


  • Easy to work on, very sleek design to make it more durable
  • Big display screen of 17.3 inch for easy viewing
  • 1600 x 900 resolution to provide a clear display of images, movies
  • Built in HDMI port that allows to connect external devices, for multitasking or to display on bigger screens
  • 256GB SSD and 1TB SATA HDD providing immense storage
  • 8GB OF DDR4 RAM that helps to reduce heat, and increase efficiency


  • Standard keyboard, nothing extraordinary

2.     ASUS VivoBook 17.3-Inch Laptop

If you are in search of a highly durable and efficient laptop then this is the right one for you. This laptop is great for balancing multiple tasks all at the same time. It can handle both simple and difficult tasks without slowing you down. Other than that the laptop has a sleek design too, so you will be carrying a slim and light laptop that will not weigh you down at all. You will also get a chance to view pictures or videos with the Full HD Nano display and this comes with AMD graphics. The laptop also has a powerful processor, AMD Ryzen 3 3250U, that has a speed of 3.5GHz. You can also store up to 8GB of RAM without slowing down the laptop.


  • Slim and light making it easy to carry anywhere
  • High performance without reducing work speed
  • Large and clear display
  • Easily discoverable bluetooth connection


  • Less storage than other laptops, 125GB SSD

3.     Acer Aspire 5

By now you would already know that Acer is a really good manufacturing company for laptops especially. This model, Acer Aspire 5, is one of the top laptops that come in 17 inches. This laptop also has the latest generation which is the 10th generation processor. Intel Core i5 and helps to speed up the laptop when doing work. Not only that but this laptop also has a good amount of storage space. You get 8GB RAM and 256GB for storage space.

Customers that have purchased this laptop always admire its display settings. You get the option of a multiangular display that allows you to place a lot of apps in a nice setting. But in terms of security and ease, you can also use fingerprints to unlock the laptop. The fingerprint is a great way to protect your laptop and also unlock your laptop in an easy and quick way. This laptop also has a backlit keyboard and this is a great feature for the eyes as well as for when you’re working at night. By purchasing this laptop you will be creating immense ease for yourself since it’s very light and easy to carry.


  • Latest technology installed, fingerprint and compatibility of Wifi 6
  • Weighs 3.9 pounds, light and easy to carry
  • Advanced processor used, making the laptop efficient and really quick
  • Long lasting battery life, goes up to 9.5 hours
  • Great sound system, loud volume and strong bass


  • Less storage as compared to other laptops, only 256GB
  • Durability is not as high

4.   HP 17.3 Notebook

This laptop is great for easy navigation and great graphics. If you get this laptop then you will be very successful in completing your tasks no matter how difficult they are. This is all thanks to the 5th generation Intel Core processor and it also helps to focus on images with great detail even if the surroundings are dark.


  • Backlit keyboard, helps to work during night or when light is dark
  • Touchpad to provide ease
  • HD Webcam providing clarity during video calls or shooting footage
  • Comes with Windows 10


  • Not as sleek as other laptops

5.     Dell Business Flagship Laptop

This is yet another one of the best laptops with a size of 17 inches and it’s surprising to see that you can get it for under $500. Because there are a lot of great benefits that you are getting. This laptop is approximately 17.3 inc with a very large screen that will never compromise the comfort of your eyes. But that is not where the list of benefits ends, because this laptop has a very sleek design too that fits right in with modern-day laptops. The processor is also really great, it’s the 6th generation Intel Dual-core one. So the speed at which your laptop would be working is immense and unimaginable.


  • High definition display, for great graphics
  • 12GB of storage
  • Battery can last upto 7 hours if fully charged
  • User friendly


  • Hard drive can slow down the laptop
  • No USB C port


The laptops which have been discussed above are the best options as of right now. You will be able to get your hands on a 17 inch yet affordable laptop. However, it is still important to keep in mind that people buy laptops according to their preference, some might go for the size others might focus on the specifics. Such as the storage, or graphics. But the laptops that have been listed above are versatile and can accommodate the needs of various users.

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