10 Tips to Clean Laptop Touchpad Without Scratching It

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Clean Laptop Touchpad Without Scratching

It is very easy for the laptop touchpad to get dirty. Factors like dust, spillage and general clumsiness increase the likelihood of your touchpad getting dirty. Cleaning it is considered easy, however, there is a constant risk of scratching it. In that account, people have to figure out ways to clean laptop touchpad without scratching it.

This article will aim to show you 10 tips to clean a laptop touchpad without scratching it. The tips advised are very easy to implements, but they require a lot of care. This means that cleaning the touchpad is not difficult, it simply requires care.

Using A Damp Cloth Instead of a Dry One

People largely tend to use a dry cloth of cleaning the laptop touchpad. However, the dryness can cause friction on the touchpad. The friction can actually result in the touchpad getting scratched and damaged. Hence, you should resort to a damp cleaning cloth instead. The cloth can be made damp with a few drops of water. The damp nature will mean that increased friction will not occur while cleaning the touchpad. As a result, you will be able to clean without introducing any scratches.

Do Not Push Hard

Another important tip is to avoid pushing too hard on the touchpad. The touchpad is a sensitive area in the laptop and can get damaged very easily. Hence, people should add minimal pressure and rotate their hands in circles while cleaning. This will ensure a clean touchpad with no scratches.


Add Isopropyl or Rubbing Alcohol Solution

Clean Laptop Touchpad Without Scratching

Oftentimes, a damp cloth is just not enough to clean a dirty touchpad. Increased pressure while using a damp cloth can simply damage the touchpad and introduce starches on it. In that manner, the cloth can be damped with isopropyl or rubbing alcohol solution. Simply add a few drops of isopropyl or rubbing alcohol solution to the cloth and rub accordingly.

These chemicals have the property of dissolving dust and other materials present on the touchpad screen. It can also clean any stains caused by spillage. If you don’t have access to isopropyl or rubbing alcohol solution, you can use a glass cleaner liquid as well. It can produce similar results, as the cloth will not have to be pressed hard on the touchpad.

Use A Cotton Swab to Clean Dirt Around the Track Pad

When it comes to cleaning, the trackpad is a difficult area to clean on the touchpad. A cloth cannot simply cover the small area, so a cotton swab can do the trick. The cotton swap can go into tiny areas. Damp the cotton swab with water, isopropyl, or rubbing alcohol solution, and gently rub the cotton swab around the trackpad.

Use Warm Water to Damp Your Cloth

Warm water is able to remove dirt and stains better than room temperature water. Meaning, if warm water is used to damp the cleaning cloth it will require less force to be removed. This means that the surface of the touchpad will not be scratched if this trick is followed. Warm water should be used instead of room temperature water.

Never Directly Apply the Cleaning Solution To The Touchpad

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If you directly apply the cleaning chemicals to the touchpad they can be damaging. This is because we can add too much in this manner. The solution to fix this is to add the chemicals directly to the cleaning cloth. The cleaning cloth should then be used to gently clean the touchpad. This method will ensure that only a small amount of chemicals is added to the touchpad, which will make sure there are no scratches.

Use Microfiber Cloths

Regular clothes can often be too harsh on the touchpad. A replacement for that is a microfiber cloth, which is very soft. Using a microfiber cloth instead of a regular one means that there will be less harshness on the touchpad and there will be fewer chances of it scratching.

Use A New Sponge

An alternate for cleaning clothes is a sponge. Sponges are extremely soft and gentle. When they are used for cleaning the touchpad they will not leave any scratch marks. In fact, they are excellent cleaning tools as well, and will not leave behind any dust or marks.

Start At the Center and Swipe in Circular Motions

In order to prevent the touchpad from scratching, users are advised to start cleaning from the center and use circular motions throughout for cleaning. This method will make sure that no access pressure is added and all the dust and stains are removed. As a result, there will be scratches on the touchpad.

Make Sure the Cloth Is Not Too Moist

Since the laptop is an electronic device, users have to be careful while using water or other liquids on it. Users are advised to soak the cloth in water or chemicals, and then squeeze the liquid out. This means that the cloth will be damp and not wet. As a result, it will not damage the electronic device.

Things required to clean a laptop touchpad

– A damp cloth

– Cotton swabs

– Water

– 50% Isopropyl alcohol solution

– glass cleaner

Steps to clean the laptop touchpad

– turn off the laptop, and unplug it from the charger

– damp the cloth in warm water

– remove the excess water from the cloth by squeezing it

– Start cleaning the touchpad from the center and move in circular motions

– Do not apply too much pressure on the touchpad while doing this

– If water does not work, add isopropyl or rubbing alcohol solution to the cloth and damp it. 

– Glass cleaner can also be used

– Use a cotton swab to remove the dirt around the touchpad

– Wait from the touchpad to dry

– Power on your laptop and use it normally

Things to keep in mind

– Never spray the liquid directly on the laptop touchpad

– It is sensitive, do not apply a lot of pressure

– If it doesn’t work after cleaning it is damaged, get it fixed as soon as possible

– If scratches are detected you probably applied too much pressure, consult a technician


Clean Laptop Touchpad Without Scratching
Illustration of home cleaning service on laptop

Cleaning the touchpad of a laptop does not require a lot of hard work, but it should be done in a careful manner. The touchpad is sensitive and scratches can be formed easily. As a result, this article aimed to give you guys tips on cleaning it successfully.

It should be kept in mind that too much pressure should not be applied and the liquid should not be placed directly onto the touchpad. After keeping that in mind, a warm damp cloth should be used to clean the touchpad. If it fails users should opt for isopropyl or rubbing alcohol solution. In order to make sure gentle pressure is added users can opt for cotton buds and microfiber cloths as well. It should also be kept in mind that the laptop is electronic and you should be careful with liquids.

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